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The 1850’s…

This is not a post, as you probably thought  This is a page, not post. Well what’s the difference, you ask.  A page is something important, another side of my blog. Whist a post is just filling you in on something or other, and you often lose it. I’ve been doing to many posts, so now I’ll do a page, an important page…

This page is about a project,  and as you probably guessed, an important one. We just went to Sovereign Hill, a very busy place in the 1850’s I’ve got a post on it if you want to check it out. Anyway, the teachers decided to do something relating to the 1850’s, the gold rush. This is probably how they came up with it: ” So, Mrs V, What shall we do next?” Mr Ahern said in his teacher like voice, ” We’ve done six word memoirs, which was a blast, but now what?” ” I think we should do something related to Sovereign hill, but what? Mrs V said, in her teacher like voice. ” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I know, no, bad idea.” Mr Ahern said” What about, no, not very good” Mrs V said. ” I know!” The teachers said. ” The 1850’s and The Gold Rush!” So that’s what we did. We’re doing some work on the Gold Rush  and the 1850’s!

Now this is were it really  starts to get good. We’re doing a project on making a mini Sovereign hill, on a table in the class room, some persuasive  writing on the subject, handwriting sheets in  the olden day writing, a sheet about some mining technology, not computers or  phones but equipment to help solve problems in the mine, answering questions about life in 1850’s and much more. 

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“The 1850’s…”

  1. November 7th, 2013 at 11:47 pm      Reply Livia Says:

    Dear Josie,
    I do remember how much fun we had doing that project! It was super fun!
    From Livia

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