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Our Big Random Acts Of Kindness…


Remember back when in that post about random act of kindness and how I said now it’s time to think BIG! Well, now we have, real big. Our random acts of kindness ideas for the big act have gone CRAZY! Literally! We have had all these different ideas from passionate kids to give speeches about […]

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CAFE And Daily 5


his post is about two school programs, which to my point of view, are good programs. These programs are CAFE and Daily 5. CAFE is a reading program. It stands for Comprehension, Accuracy,Fluency and Expand Vocabulary. Each student has a seprot goal under one of the categories. Also, at about every morning from Monday Thursday, the 3\4’s […]

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Sports Day


 schThis post is about sports day. Well, at school we had a school sports day. To start of with, each student is in a house colour. The colours are Green,  Yellow, Red and Blue house. Each student tries to be first, second or third to get points for their house. If your house wins you get […]

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Poems, Poems, Poems, They’re great aren’t they, Poems, Poems, Poems, Were doing them now, Yay! Poems, a beautiful piece of work, and were working on them in writing! We have all been working on a few different types of poems.These are the ones: Pyramid poem. A Pyramid Poem is a poem that goes down like a […]

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Random Acts Of Kindness!


Kindness, on of the vital things in the world. Anyway, at school the 3\4’s have been learning about Random act of kindness. Well to start of with random act of kindness are when you choose to do a random thing( Which is kind) to someone, anyone! We have all seen a few video’s of random […]

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Hi,If you don’t know what tribes are, you probably shouldn’t be on my blog!No, I’m just kidding! Tribes are little groups of kids that aren’t  really friends.We all try to work together to complte  different tasks! Most tribes have at least five kids in each tribe.Most Tribes are with boys and girls. For example, I might […]

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