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Turning Trash Into… Toys!?


You know when your at school doing a boring project, well this is nothing like a boring project!! This is a great, awesome, creative project. This project is a making a toy with your tribes out of recycled goods! Well, we have these sheets of paper that have all these different stages. These are the […]

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Our Big Random Acts Of Kindness…


Remember back when in that post about random act of kindness and how I said now it’s time to think BIG! Well, now we have, real big. Our random acts of kindness ideas for the big act have gone CRAZY! Literally! We have had all these different ideas from passionate kids to give speeches about […]

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Random Acts Of Kindness!


Kindness, on of the vital things in the world. Anyway, at school the 3\4’s have been learning about Random act of kindness. Well to start of with random act of kindness are when you choose to do a random thing( Which is kind) to someone, anyone! We have all seen a few video’s of random […]

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