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Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!


As you probably don’t know, I did a post on Lonnies Got Talent last year, but this is not a review or something for that post, but this post is also for Lonnie’s Got Talent.  But it’s not from last year, it’s from this year!!! Lonnie’s Got Talent is a talent show our school puts on […]

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Lonnies Got Talent Auditions!


If you think I’m in Austalia’s Got Talent, you’re wrong( I wouldn’t be that good!!)  I’m auditioning for  Lonnie’s Got talent and you’ll soon find out why I’m doing it… Lonnie’s Got talent is a talent show at our school. Kids at school can audition for the show and then the show is later in the year […]

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Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!!


This is Lonnie’s got Talent!!!!! A performance for all those kids who want to perform in front of the school! Yes, that’s right, this is Lonnies got talent. Lonnies got talent is a show in front of the whole school. You can perform anything, as long as you audition first. There is all different types of […]

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