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My Birthday!!


  This week was the most exciting, fun and happy week EVER!! Because, you guessed it, my BIRTHDAY!!! Here’s the presents I got: a Fiberglass surfboard, $35, a paint your own Matryoska dolls, clothes, 2 book vouchers, Smiggle voucher, Scrabble, an 1000 piece puzzle and MANY other fantastic things. Thank you ALL for the presents, […]

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My Invention…


You know when you make an invention and no one wants it? Well, now you can know MY INVENTION… 1. One of my inventions is a car that goes on land, underwater and in the air! There would be three seats in the front, one seat for air, land and water. It would be a double-decker […]

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A Dream House??!!!!!


This post is about one of the things I think about throughout the day, in this case, a dream house! Well, to start of with, this would be my dream house… Bedroom:I would have a bunk-bed, except with a desk and HEAPS of paper, a hot tub and a fiftytwo plasma T.V screen! Rooms: Tree Climbing room, Gaming room, Ball room, […]

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All About Me!!!!!!!


Hi everyone it’s me again, I know this should of been the first post, but I’ll pop it up now instead!This is probably the most inportant  post there is, the all about meee! Well, to start of with I have two younger sisters, Sabrina and Tessa. Sabrina is seven and Tessa is four.I have one […]

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5 Things I Would Love!


Hi peops, it’s me again! This post is about 5 things in the world I would love, anything in the entire world! These are my answers: 1.My own island with a quarter perfect snow, a quater perfect surf, a quarter jungle with vines and trees, one eighth the future and the other eighth lollieland and my really cool treehouse […]

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Hello, My name is Josie in Mrs Murphy’s at PLPS..I am very excited about this blog am I know everyone else is to.I love school, games, famliy  and friends, myself and everything else in between! I am one of six student blogs, Finn’s, Robbie’s, Lucy’s, Sam’s, Gerodie’s and mine! Please live as much comments as […]

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