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Christmas is here!!!!! Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them: From Mum’s side: The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a […]

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Up To Euora and Beechworth!


This post, as you probably know, is a post on my holidays. I know I’ve done a lot of posts on holidays, but they’re so interesting, most of the time. Anyway, on the holidays my family went to Beechworth and Euroa. They are an hour apart from each other. Euora is a little town just […]

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Back To School!!


You know how we had holidays for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS or something, well, it’s over!!!!!!!! This is our first week at school and we’ve gotten of to a good start. I’m in grade four, with the grade three’s to look after me.( Or is it the other way around!) My teacher is Mrs V. She […]

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New Years Eve…


As we arrive at the back beach at about five PM everyone starts to talk. Yes this is New Years Eve, at the back beach. Everyone is here, let’s get it started! We have guests, a family of them. From over-seas! They’re our family friends, Tim, Katie, Lucy and Leo, aka The Clairsos. We only […]

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Port Douglas??


Hi, it’s me again, One of the things I did on the holidays was travelling to Port Douglas! Port Douglas is a very fun place in North Queensland. It’s really tropical, lots of palm trees, some beautiful restaurants, a lovely beach and one of my all time favourite Ice-cream and Gelati Bar!  We stayed in a beautiful resort, […]

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It’s The Holidays


Do you find that school goes FOREVER? Well, luckly it doesn’t, and in Australia, it is the end of term, so… it’s the holidays! Well, I think I’ll tell you hat I’m doing.I’m going to Port Douglas, which is in Northern Australia!I’m really super-doopa excited, I haven’t been there before.On Saturday I’m going to Lucy’s […]

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