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Goodbye Nathaneil, Bethany, Charlie, Jaz And Abbey!!!


I know I’m really excited for Christmas, but I’m also sad about somethings too! Well I’m sad because Nathaniel, Bethany and Charlie are leaving the school!! Well, first Nathaniel and  Bethany are leaving overseas, to America. I hope they have a great time there and make some  friends on the first day of school! They […]

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Sports Day


 schThis post is about sports day. Well, at school we had a school sports day. To start of with, each student is in a house colour. The colours are Green,  Yellow, Red and Blue house. Each student tries to be first, second or third to get points for their house. If your house wins you get […]

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It’s Party Time!


Everyone loves a party and I recently went to one! I went to my friend Bea’s party. It was a rock climbing party and we had lots of fun!This is what we got up to. First we played a game called ‘Musical Holes’. This is how you play. The winner of the game is the […]

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Top Ten Things To Do When Your Bored???


You know when your really bored and you don’t know what to do? Well this post is all about what I would do if I’m bored! 1.Write a story. I find it fun and then you might even get an award for it because you did it at home!  2. Play on a trampalan, in […]

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My Friend’s Blogs!


This post is about different blogs, which are my class mate’s! These are the names, Finn’s Fantasic Blog, Sam’s Fantasic blog, Lucy’s Jump Sit Stay, Geordies THE BLOG and .Robbie’s Radical Blog. You can find these blog’s on the 3\4 blog, The Grade 3\4 Learning Legends @ Lonnie! I think they would love some comments as their […]

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