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A Year full of Fun!


After a great year of learning, playing, writing and just having fun, everyone is dying for a break.  Here’s highlights from the year: School Swimming Carnival, March: Every March there is an annual school swimming carnival for all the schools in the district to enter. It’s only for primary school students aged from grade 3-6 and is held […]

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If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done a post in ages, well it was because I was on holidays!! Here’s what I did… Finally we got there. Ella’s house!! It took 5 boring hours in the car. Ella lives on a farm. She  has a BIG tree with a flying fox! It was awesome. My favourite moment would […]

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A Very Extraordinary Week…


Normally a weekend in late autumn is mostly spent in front of the TV, or going up to Melbourne. This weekend was the extact opposite of the normal things that I do on a weekend, so I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! On Friday night Dad, Sabrina ( my little sister) and I went to an AFL ( […]

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A Few Things You Need To Know…


Every week there’s normally one big, terrific thing. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve finished. Sometimes I went to the cienima. But this week nothing really happened exciting happened, but there’s a few things that make the list… Monday Afternoon: On Monday afternoon I started playing basketball. I think we moved up a level, we won […]

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A Social and Exciting blur…


Most of the week has been social and exciting blur,  but here’s just the best bits: Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to a the regainals in swimming. I went in 50m butterfly and got 3rd in my heat, but 13th overall. I got a new best time of 50.54. On Friday at whole school assembly I got […]

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The Odd Ones In!


There’s always some little event or two that I miss, so here’s the events: Event 1: I went in a swimming carnval about 2 weeks ago. I did 50m backstroke, butterfly and butterfly in the medley. I came 2nd in butterfly with a time of 50.94 sec,  and got into the regainals (I forgot my time […]

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My First Time Camping!!!


Yes, this post is about my first time camping. I’m not doing a post about something that I did ages ago. This is something recent!! You want to hear about? Well here it is: Well, it started when my friend Eliza’s dad, came and told me that they were going camping at a Big 4 […]

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Sports Day!!!


Monday was such a a great day. You know why, because it was sports day!!!! Sports Day is an annual event at school when the four houses (Red, blue, yellow, green) compete to win the most points by getting the most ribbins and winning Sports Day. I’m in Blue house and we came in 2nd place. […]

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An Unexpected Sleepover…


As you have seen, I had a sleepover, not a play. A play and a sleep over are completly different. For one you have so much more luggage. Anyway back to the post… It was about 2.30pm and we just got home from the library, when we just drove into the driveway, our friends Poppy and […]

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A HUGE week!!


As you can see, this post is about a HUGE week I had. When I say HUGE in capital . letters I mean HUGE!! Because if I said huge in lowercase, it looks not HUGE! Get it? The first thing in my HUGE week was that one of my mum’s friends, Jen, come down to our […]

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