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A Few Things You Need To Know…


Every week there’s normally one big, terrific thing. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve finished. Sometimes I went to the cienima. But this week nothing really happened exciting happened, but there’s a few things that make the list… Monday Afternoon: On Monday afternoon I started playing basketball. I think we moved up a level, we won […]

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The Invention of Hugo Carbret, Book Review


As you probably know, this is a book review, but not on my book. It’s a book review of a book I just finished reading, The Invention of Hugo Carbret. With 284 pages of stunning illustrations, The Invention of Hugo Carbret is about a boy from 1931 who lived in the walls of a train station […]

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Meeting You!!!!!


I meet someone amazing on the weekend,  Andy Griffiths!!!!!! Well I’ll start from the start. One day when we where buying presents we went past Bookgrove and saw a poster about Andy Griffiths. SoI begged mum to let me go. It worked!!!! So yesterday(Saturday) I went with dad, Sabrina wanted to go but she had […]

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A Series of Unfortunate Events Book Review.


This, as you probably guess, is a book review, on a book I’m reading at the moment. It’s called A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It’s a good book, so why don’t come read about it? A Series Of Unfortunate Events is about three siblings called Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. Violet specialises in inventing, Klaus in researching and […]

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Face To Face


Ever wondered what happened to Jacqueline Harvey? Well, one of the things she did was going around victoria to schools and book shops. And she went to one near me!!! And I saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was amazing! Jacqueline Harvey told us all about how to be a good author, about what she does when she […]

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Boss Of The Pool…


  This is the Boss Of The Pool. Me. No. Boss of the Pool is book the 3\4’s Are Reading at the moment. Boss of the Pool is a book about a girl called Shelly, a mean, selfish, jealous girl and her ‘friend’, Ben. Ben is a nice boy, about fifteen or sixteen, who loves […]

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Anna Flowers…


Whats is Anna Flowers? You ask. Well Anna Flowers is a great book for kids over the age of 8, or sometimes, 7! Well, Anna Flowers is a book about a girl called Anna Flowers, her mother dies unexpectedly. So she has to move miles away to a town called ‘Peppersalt’ were here aunt and grandma […]

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I Finished It…


Yay, I finally finished it. What did I finish? You guessed it, Alice-Miranda at sea, the book I’m reading, well, was reading! Alice-Miranda is a book about her and her family and friends going on adventures., You can find out more in the post about the book called ‘Alice-Miranda at sea’. Since the last post, I read […]

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Alice-Miranda At Sea.


This is Alice-Miranda.And Millie, Jacinta, Sep and Lucas. Who are these kids? Where are they from? Yes, this is Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kentington-Jones. From the book series Alice-Miranda. Remember when I wrote a post about CAFE and Daily 5, and about reading strategies.Well, my reading strategy is ‘Predict and Confirm meaning.’ Predict and confirm’ meaning means try […]

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