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3/4AB @ Lonnie!!


3/4AB @ Lonnie?! What?? A blog of course!! 3/4 AB is the new 3/4 blog for this year. Please comment as we are very welcome!! Here’s the URL:    

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My Friend’s Blogs!


This post is about different blogs, which are my class mate’s! These are the names, Finn’s Fantasic Blog, Sam’s Fantasic blog, Lucy’s Jump Sit Stay, Geordies THE BLOG and .Robbie’s Radical Blog. You can find these blog’s on the 3\4 blog, The Grade 3\4 Learning Legends @ Lonnie! I think they would love some comments as their […]

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Hello, My name is Josie in Mrs Murphy’s at PLPS..I am very excited about this blog am I know everyone else is to.I love school, games, famliy  and friends, myself and everything else in between! I am one of six student blogs, Finn’s, Robbie’s, Lucy’s, Sam’s, Gerodie’s and mine! Please live as much comments as […]

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