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My Birthday!!


  This week was the most exciting, fun and happy week EVER!! Because, you guessed it, my BIRTHDAY!!! Here’s the presents I got: a Fiberglass surfboard, $35, a paint your own Matryoska dolls, clothes, 2 book vouchers, Smiggle voucher, Scrabble, an 1000 piece puzzle and MANY other fantastic things. Thank you ALL for the presents, […]

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By Birthday Wish Came True!!!!!


Guess what!!! I just had my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s  a list of the stuff I got: From B’day party:  Typo headphones, arty crafty stuff, $110!! ( $10 nanna, $50 Aunty, $50 other aunty),  CD’s and heaps of other stuff I forgot( But still like). From mum and dad: A netball hoop, Swings for the tree( For everyone), […]

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My Birthday!!!!!!!!!


I’m so excited this month, because, it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I am really, REALLY excited since it’s the first time I’m going somewhere for my party, not just at home!!!! I don’t know where I’m going, so it’s a surprise!! I’m not telling you who I invited, because the other people will get upset. I don’t know what […]

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