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Alice-Miranda in Toyko; Book Review.


I was so excited when the ninth Alice-Miranda book came out, and now I finished it!!! Alice-Miranda in Toyko starts of with a young girl called Kiko wondering around the streets of Toyko. Finally she gets  herself in the subway, trying to find her way around. She finds herself in going into a nurseing home, owned […]

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I Finished It…


Yay, I finally finished it. What did I finish? You guessed it, Alice-Miranda at sea, the book I’m reading, well, was reading! Alice-Miranda is a book about her and her family and friends going on adventures., You can find out more in the post about the book called ‘Alice-Miranda at sea’. Since the last post, I read […]

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Alice-Miranda At Sea.


This is Alice-Miranda.And Millie, Jacinta, Sep and Lucas. Who are these kids? Where are they from? Yes, this is Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kentington-Jones. From the book series Alice-Miranda. Remember when I wrote a post about CAFE and Daily 5, and about reading strategies.Well, my reading strategy is ‘Predict and Confirm meaning.’ Predict and confirm’ meaning means try […]

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