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‘I walked the dog.’

‘I did some cleaning.’

‘I played with my sister.’

This are all Random Acts of Kindness or RAK for short. Random acts of kindness are being kind to people, but the kindness is random.So like you just did it. Heres a example: Today I washed the dishwasher without anyone asking me to do it! 


But now it’s time for us to do something! We are planning a BIG random act of kindness ourselfs! Thursday, we are doing an oral presentation for the people who want their idea to be the big random act of kindness. After that we’re doing a vote for who’s idea is going to be the big act. The one with the most votes wins!

We will be doing the act  probably next week, and everyones excited and some a little nervous for the oral presentation.

Are You Doing An Oral Presentation?

If so, What’s Your Idea?















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