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The Odd Ones In!


There’s always some little event or two that I miss, so here’s the events:

Event 1: I went in a swimming carnval about 2 weeks ago. I did 50m backstroke, butterfly and butterfly in the medley. I came 2nd in butterfly with a time of 50.94 sec,  and got into the regainals (I forgot my time for the others)!! I was the only one who got into the regainals in my school!!!

Event 2: The footy. I went to a pratcise match at Simonds Stadium. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos on a Friday night, with the lights! The score was North Melbourne: 9 goals, 13 behinds: 67 ( or 10 goals 7 behinds) and North Melbourne: 11 goals, 10 behinds: 76. The underdogs won! The footy season has started with the opening game Collingwood vs Freamantle. Freamantle thrashed Collingwood by something like 70pts!

Event 3: The long weekend. On the long weekend I got to see Ella, my best friend. She moved to a place ages away so I only see her on the holidays. We went to the beach and played with her ‘Rainbow Loon’  kit. It was so much fun.

Event 4: Melbourne. We went to Melbourne for a few nights and stayed at our nanna’s house.  We went to Imax ( the world’s 3rd largest screen!!!) to see ‘Flight of the Butterflies’. It was really good.  It’s about a man who is on a mission to discover the migating paths of the Monarch Butterfly. He finds a family and discovers an organisation to help. Finally, after 50 or so years, he gets it!

So there you go, all the little events that are the odd ones out!

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Book Review.


I know I did a book review last week, but I NEED to tell you about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…

The third Harry Potter starts out with Harry, up in his room in the dead of night doing homework. Suddenly, the clock strikes midnight. A few owls fly in from his window. Harry Potter is now thirteen. Ron gave him a pocket Sneakoscope, a device that lights up and spins when adversity is near, Hermione gave Harry a Broomstick Servicing kit and Hagrid had given him The Monster Book. There also was a letter from Professor McGonagal saying all the books he needed for school (as always), and a permission slip to a town called Hogsmeade, the only all wizard\witch town in Britain. Harry is extremely disappointed, his Aunt and Uncle will never sign it. The summer holidays drift away, until Harry’s Aunt Marge comes to stay for a week. Uncle Vernon had decided that he would only sign the slip if Harry behaved well with Aunt Marge around. Aunt Marge hates Harry (and vice versa).  The Durselys’ convinced Aunt Marge that Harry went to a school named St Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys, because she didn’t know that Harry was a wizard that went to Hogworts. After the worst week in the holidays, on Sunday, Harry can’t take it any longer. At the dinner table, when Aunt Marge was insulting Harry’s parents and talking about their death (Harry and the Durselys said it was because of a car crash when they were killed by Lord Voldemort) Harry lost it. He started blurting out what really happened and all of a sudden he ran up to his room and started packing his bags and running away. He suddenly found the knight bus, a bus for wizards and witches who are stranded in Muggle cities\towns. He gets off after a while of chatting, with Cornelius Fudge, a member of the Ministry of Magic, at The Leaky Caldron, a hotel. They talked about Harry’s recent ‘accident’ with Aunt Marge. He also along the way, used magic, which broke the law. They also mention Sirus Black, a criminal who escaped from one of the worst (magic) prisons in Britain. After talking with Fudge, he lets him stay in one of the rooms for the three remaining weeks. Harry wonders around Diagon alley, buys his books for school and eating at a ice-cream at Florean Fortescue’s Ice-cream parlour, while doing his home-work, with some help from Florean Fortescue himself. Each day after refilling his pockets with his money from Gringotts, that’s what he’d do. But the most tempting thing in Diagon Alley would have to be, by far, the newest broomstick at Quality Quidditch Supplies, the Firebolt…

That’s all I’m going to tell you, but if you like the book so much, or want to know more, you could read my review on the second Harry Potter ( Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) or buy the book yourself!

I loved the book so much, the was plot perfect. Everything made sense in the end, it’s my favourite Harry Potter book, so far. Packed with every emotion, I give it 4 26\27 stars ( Sorry, I couldn’t find the symbol for it! :D)

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Alice-Miranda in Toyko; Book Review.


I was so excited when the ninth Alice-Miranda book came out, and now I finished it!!!

Alice-Miranda in Toyko starts of with a young girl called Kiko wondering around the streets of Toyko. Finally she gets  herself in the subway, trying to find her way around. She finds herself in going into a nurseing home, owned by a elderly woman named Obaasan.

Meanwhile, the story of Alice-Miranda. It starts off with Alice-Miranda, Millie and Jacinta coming back from a camping trip with Millie’s family. They soon find out that the Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones family cook, Dolly Oliver has been invited to a confrence with the Japanese Minsesty for Invention and Innovation because of her invention, JAW ( Just Add Water).The soon find themselves in Toyko, shoping for toys and clothes, and learning about the Japanese culture.

And this is were Kiko comes in. After Alice-Miranda gets a present from her father, Kiko is intreged with Alice-Miranda and wants to get hold of something that she lost that was very special to her. Kiko vows to get this object back.

 I loved this book but I think Jacquline Harvey could of told us some secrets before, not all just at one time. But over all I loved it, 4½ stars!

Thats all I’m going to tell you, for now. But if you love the book so much, or want to learn more about Alice-Miranda books either visit the Alice-Miranda website: or you can read my other two posts on Alice Miranda by pressing Alice-Miranda on my widget ‘Lots of tags!’

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A Week in the Life of Josie…


I know I did a post on this last year, but I had nothing else to write about…

Monday: School: Sport. At the momment in sport we are doing soccor. Home: Nothing. But when the season of basketball starts I’ll start playing that. But at the momment  just relax.

Tuesday: School: Music. We started doing music this year and the grade 5\6′ will be able to play the ukulele at the end of the year. Home: Music lessons! To music lessons on one day! At the momment I’m playing to song ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson on the piano and Sabrina ( my little sister) is singing to it.

Wednesday: School: Nothing special. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Thursday: School: C&C. It’s a new subject, but I forgot what it stands for! It’s art and spanish in one! Home: Nothing, just relaxing.

Friday: School: Spelling. Normally we do spellig but we haven’t started it yet. Assembly. We have school assembly every Friday. Home: Nothing. Normally I just relax infront of the T.V!!

Saturday: Home: Surfing. At the momment I do surfing lessons. Nothing else. Just go somewhere nice.

Sunday: Home: Nothing. Just go somewhere fun! 

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Book Review


Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is a great book about a boy called Harry Potter. The story starts out with Harry having his birthday at his uncle Vernon’s house. Uncle Vernon, or Mr Dursley, has a wife, Aunt Petunia, and their son Dudley. Harrry’s uncle and aunt treat him very badly, he lives in the cuboard under the stairs, and is not aloud to talk about, or even say the word ‘magic.’ This is all because Harry Potter is a wizard. And he is very famous too. The evil Lord Voldermont killed his parents when Harry was a baby, but for some mysterious reason, he couldn’t kill Harry. The year before Harry went to a special school for wizards, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for his first year. He made to special friends, Ron Wealsey and Hermione Granger. In this book Harry and his friends are on a mission to find out who is the real heir of Slytherin, (a house in the school) and how this person opened the chamber of secrets. No-one know anything about this chamber of secrets, until one of the teachers tells them a bit about it’s history. All this is caused because the care-takers beloved cat, Miss Norris, was petrified. Next to the body was writing on the wall in red that said: The Chamber has been opened, enemies of the heir beware!!!!

And that’s all I’m going to tell you about this terrific book, and if you’re so interested, why don’t you read it yourself!!!!

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Enjoy the Little Things.


Enjoy the little things, that’s what I always say. And there was so many little things fun things that I couldn’t choose what to write about. So here’s a little list of the little fun things that I enjoyed:

Favourite Trip: My favourite trip would have to be when I went to the Kardinia Pool with my family. We went on the waterslide 3x, only because it was closing down for the day. Then I went on the 3 metre diving board. ( but I didn’t dive!!!!) The main reason we went to Kardinia was because I am doing a swimming carnival and I needed to pass the times for it. I’m put down ( in order) butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. I’m not going to tell you the times, it’s a secret!!!!!!

Favourite breaky: My favourite food was when I went to Café Amore, a new restaurant on the main road. We went there for breaky.I had two delicious mixed berry pancakes with sugar on the side. It was delicious!!!!!!!

Favourite activity: My favourite activity was when I went surfing on a fibreglass board for the first time!!! It was beautiful weather and I loved it!!!!

Favourite dinner:My favourite dinner was when we went out for dinner at Sushi 8, a Japanese restaurant in the centre of Geelong. It is a great Japanese restaurant, with lots of different things to choose from. I had some calamari, noodle soup and a chicken on a skewer.

Favourite TV show: My favourite TV show would have to be the start of the Winter Olympics, held in Sochi. Although I didn’t see the Opening Ceremony, I still got to see the first day of it, the final of the first Snowboarding Slope Style event. It was very interesting and exciting, since I love snow myself.

So that that little things for last week, but there are plenty more to come…




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Time at Albury and Melbourne.


Albury and Melbourne, FUN!!!!! Albury is located on the edge of the NSW, near the Murray River. It’s a big town, basically a city. It gets really hot there, and when we were there, there was a heat wave. Every day got up to 40 degrees Celsius. But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is what we did at Albury, and how much fun we had…

On the first day we just unpacked and went to the Albury pool. The Albury pool is an outdoor pool with a BIG waterslide. We didn’t go on the waterslide that day, but we still had fun! Then we went out for dinner at La Porchetta. I had lasagna. Yum!!!

The next day we went to the Albury pool and I got to go down the waterslide 5x!!!! shopping for clothes at Pumpkin Patch.  Then we went to Coldrock to get a treat for he movies. After that we went to the movies to see Frozen at the movies. It’s really good!!

On that day we had to move to a different hotel in Wodonga. Wodonga is close to Albury and is not as big as Albury, but it’s still a little city. This apartment is really new, and it has a pool!!!!! It is also conectted to a restaurant called Huon Hill.  We just stayed at the pool the WHOLE day!!!

Finally it was our last whole day in Albury. We First went in the pool and then we saw Walking with Dinosaurs The movie at the movies. After that we got our hair cut at a place my mum used to go to. Then we went out for dinner at Huon Hill,  the  restaurant near our apartment. I had fish and chips. It was really nice.

The every last day we had a quick swim in the pool and then got in the car with our bags and went to Melbourne.

When we got to Melbourne 3hrs later, we went to our Nanna’s house. Our Aunty Anna came later and said that we could go to her house for a swim in the pool. Since the heat wave was still going, we said yes and went the next day.

The next day we went in Aunty Anna’s pool and then went home. We had soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!

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A trip to Mt Buller


Most people like Mt Buller on the winter, but it’s great in the summer…

Mt Buller is located in the northern parts of Victoria, Australia. In winter it is crowded with skiers and snowboarders.  My dad normally takes one of my sisters to Mt Buller each year to go skiing, but this years for the summer holidays he brought the whole family up!  In summer it’s much more quiet, with mountain bikers on tracks.

When we arrived we went to our apartment to unpack our bags and drove straight up to the car park near the summit. We walked up to the summit and saw two monuments of people that have died. Then we noticed a little hut. Suddenly someone came out of it and told us it was a fire protection look out, and asked us if we wanted a little tour. Obviously we said yes, and got a little tour. Pic from: 

Mt Buller summit in summer blog pic

The next day we went on a little walk on a bike track, which was kind’a weird, and then we went on the only running chairlift, the North Side Express. But Tessa, my youngest sister, dropped her hat so Dad had to go down to get it!!

Then we went on a 4.1km walk on a track called The Summit Nature Walk, then we went on another walk called The Village Walk. Pic from:


Finally we went on the chairlift one last time and went home.

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The Invention of Hugo Carbret, Book Review


As you probably know, this is a book review, but not on my book. It’s a book review of a book I just finished reading, The Invention of Hugo Carbret.

With 284 pages of stunning illustrations, The Invention of Hugo Carbret is about a boy from 1931 who lived in the walls of a train station in Paris. His Father has died so he has to be a thief for a living. He also checks the clocks in the station each evening to make sure they are working. He loves machines, especially clocks, since his Father worked in a museum full of them. When his Father dies in a fire that destroys the museum, he leaves behind an automaton, and device that when a special key is put in the key whole, and when a pen is put in his hand, he starts to write or draw ( I’m not saying which one) a message. He also leaves his notebook that has lots of diagrams and pictures of the automaton. These drawings are like blue prints to Hugo, so the notebook is VERY important to him. At the start the automaton is broken, so Hugo has to find the right parts to make it work. One time when he went to a toy store to steal a part, he was caught and the owner of the shop made him fix broken toys so he could sell them. Hugo sneaked parts of the toys so he could fix the automaton. He soon meets Isabelle, the toy owners god daughter, who is quite nice to Hugo.

You are probably wondering why I stoped the review. Well I’m not going to give anything else away. You’ll have to read it to find out.

The Invention of Hugo Carbret is a magnificent book. I love it!! I give it 4½ stars!

Top Picture

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Christmas is here!!!!!

Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them:

From Mum’s side:

The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a necklace and some clothes.

From Dad’s side:

$100,( I spent it on a pair of Vans and some stuff form Smiggle.The Guinness book of records 2014 ( book), a pair of scissors and some stuff I’ve forgot.(I like them though)

From Santa:

Jelly beans, book marks, The Alice-Miranda 2014 Diary, a soft turtle, a speaker and some things that I’ve forgot, again! ( But again I still like)

From Mum and Dad:

A new bike!!!!!!! 😀

Yes, I got a lot of stuff that I’m very grateful for. Thank you everyone who gave me something, I loved it!!!

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