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Port Douglas!!!!


You may remember that I did my first post on Port Douglas 2 years ago, and another one last year. And it’s finally time again to have another AWESOME holiday at Port Douglas!!!

Port Douglas is ideal for a trip to the Great Barrier Reef or to the Daintree Rainforest, with Cape Tribulation a 90 minute drive on well maintained sealed roads.

Port Douglas maintains a village feel, as it is a town where the Palm Trees are taller than the buildings and you can meander through the town to do some shopping, or enjoy a wide variety of cafes, pubs, restaurants & bars, ranging from those offeringport douglas map blog pic excellent value to world class cuisine.

It is a very popular tourist, beach and reef destination, with the peak season being during the Australian winter.


Well to start of with,  Mum and Dad booked the family into Jungle Surfing through the Daintree Rainforest, around Cape Tribulation. It was really,really, REALLY fun!! You get harnessed in and go for a little walk, and then the excitement begins! when you reach the top you pair up. There’s a human-sized hamster wheel that you walk on the power the pair infront of you to get to the first platform. Now we’re up on the first platform, our harnesses hooked into the tree,  learning some info about the rainforest surrounding us. Finally, the first zip line!! I wait as dad ( my parter) gets clipped in. As I get the thumbs up to go, I jungle surfing port douglas blog picpush my feet of the platform and away we go!! You can see the beautiful green trees surrrounding us as we fly in the canopy. On the thrid line, one of the guide stopped us in the middle of the line. We were at the highest point, 22.5m of ground, and as a joke to scare us, he stopped us smack bang in that spot. Most people would have hated it, but dad and I loved it!! The next line was really fast, and the last one you have to go upside down!! Even my little sister ( Tessa, she’s only 5yrs) went upside down!! After that we went for a little walk and then went home!! It was a great experience and I loved every momment!!

The rest of the time we were either swimming in the pool, the beach, walking around, going out for dinner or reading.
It was a great holiday and I loved it!!

Italic writing from:

Jungle surfing pic

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The Tuesday That Won Over Them All…


Well, this week was quite an exciting week. But the best bit was DEFINETLY Tuesday, but why?

On Tuesday (my friend) Lucy, my teacher and I went to the a Deakin campus and saw Dr Jane Goodall! Dr Jane Goodall is a conservationist and a  primatologist, humanitarian and a UN Messenger of Peace. She is now circling the globe 300 days a year, never staying at one place any more than three weeks. She is doing lectures about conservation to young people around the world, and inspiring others to follow in her foot steps. 

 She talked about her story, and how she became in love with chimpanzees and conserving the Earth. One favourite stories would be when Jane was about six. She lived in London, so she had never seen a cow or sheep. Well, Jane’s family moved out onto a farm. Jne was very excited and intreged by chickens. She wondered were the eggs came from. Obviously, no-one would tell her, so Jane went out and followed a chicken into it’s pen. She waited for hours, until finally, she saw it. All this time her mother was desperatly looking for her. When she found Jane in the pen, instead of shouting at her, she let Jane tell her the incredible          

pic from:

pic from:

adventure she just had. Jane started talking about the rest of her life until it meet with the present. She also talked about conservation and her ‘Roots and Shoots’ programme. Finally, after all that we brought out a birthday cake and started singing Happy Birthday, because it was her 80th birthday. For Jane’s full biography, press here: 

Well, seeing Dr Jane Goodall was a great experience and I loved it!

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5/6 Camp to Narmbool!!!!!


Going on school camp is one of the most exciting things each year, and now it’s here!!!!

 This year the 5/6’s went to Narmbool, a little country twon near Ballarat. We stayed at one camp on night, and another camp the next night. On the first day we stayed at a camp in the bush. We had cabins shaped like tents ( but bigger), beds like hammoks ( but not wobbly), an outside dunny and real outback style showers. On the first day we got to the camp and played some games the Aboriginals ( Indigenous Australians) play/played. We also did some orienteering around the camp, using only a compass. Lastly we did a little walk and saw a Wedged Tailed Eagles nest, but it abondoned it years ago. We had some dinner and some free time and then we went to bed.

On the second day we got up, had breaky and started our 8km walk. We had to orienteer our way along a path to get to our next camp. I had a good group and we navigated our way along the track very well and ( thankfully) didn’t get lost. Finally, we reached the lodge. It was perched in between a few hills, so we had to walk up a few. One particular hill was called the escarpment. It had lots of rocks that had blown out of a volcano 500 million years ago. When we got to the lodge we unpacked our bags and we were allowed to go and climb the escarpment. We had so much fun playing hide and seek in the rocks until dinner time. After dinner we had an astronomist from Ballarat come in to tell us about the stars and space.  We got to look through a telescope and see mars and I saw a shooting star for the first time!! I was so excited!!!! After that we had some supper and then went to bed. 

The last day we had a member from an animal rescue association around Narmbool. He specialices in birds of prey. He brang in a Little Eagle and told us about native birds of prey. After that we did a sustainability quest. We moved around to different activities. My favourite was the energy bikes. We got to ride a bike to generate power to turn a CD player. Then we had lunch and drove home.

Thank you Mrs Barry and Mrs Hill for orginising it and the staff for looking after us!


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A Very Extraordinary Week…


Normally a weekend in late autumn is mostly spent in front of the TV, or going up to Melbourne. This weekend was the extact opposite of the normal things that I do on a weekend, so I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

On Friday night Dad, Sabrina ( my little sister) and I went to an AFL ( Australian Football League, yes, I’m Australian) match at Simonds Stadium, Geelong. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbounre Kangaroos. Since we live near Geelong, nearly very one I know ( who follows AFL) goes for Cats. My dads a big Kangas ( short for  Kangaroos) supporter so it’s always be competition. And to top it off, Chris Scott, the Cats coach and Brad Scott, the Kangaroos coach, are identical twins!! Cats were fourth and Kangas were seventh on the ladder. We ended up losing ( not surprising ): ),  16.15.111- 13.13.91. Here are the quater time scores: Q1: 5.5.35 – 2.2.14. Q2: 10.9.69 – 5.4.34. Q3: 13.14.92 – 9.8.69. Q4: 16. 15. 111 – 13.13.91.  I think Tom Hawkins or Jimmy Bartel played best for Geelong and Jack Ziebell or Levi Greenwood played best on North.  It was a fantastic game and I loved it!!

On Saturday night I had a very late night too. I went to my friend Isabella’s birthday party. We played hide and seek and jumped on her trampoline. We had homemade pizza for dinner. Isabella’s mum made the delicious dough and her dad baked it to perfection in their pizza oven.  We had a few glasses of soft drink, and that was only dinner!! Isabella’s mum layed out mini wine glasses filled with lollies and freckles!! On top of our serviete was a HUGE white chocolate lip. It was like having an entree, but for dessert! But that’s nothing compared to dessert! For dessert we had a HUGE piece of chocolate lasanga. Chocolate lasanga is layers of chocolate with cream in the middle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! After dinner we watched the movie Frozen and then played Truth or Dare until 11.00pm. We woke up at 6.00am in the morning and put a movie on until our parents came and picked us up. It was an amazing party and thank you for inviting me to it, Isabella!!

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My Birthday!!





This week was the most exciting, fun and happy week EVER!! Because, you guessed it, my BIRTHDAY!!!

Here’s the presents I got: a Fiberglass surfboard, $35, a paint your own Matryoska dolls, clothes, 2 book vouchers, Smiggle voucher, Scrabble, an 1000 piece puzzle and MANY other fantastic things. Thank you ALL for the presents, I LOVED them ALL!!!!!!!!!

On the night of my birthday we went out to one of my favourite resturants for dinner. My best friend( Ella) came down to have dinner with my family and I. ( Ella lives AGES away so I only she her one the school holidays) It was so fun and the food was delicious. Ella stayed the night at my house to and came to the party with me.                                         


 On Saturday I had my party at the YMCA Gymnasimun in Geelong. We had  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. We got to go on a three little circuits, one around the bar, another one the floor and the other one was half bar and half floor. At the end we got to go into the foam pit!! we got to swing on a bar and them go flying into the pit. On the other half was just free time. Finally we had te party food and cake at the end. I loved it!!!!!!!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Book Review.


Now that I’ve finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I’ve finished all the Harry Potter books in the series. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a review on this wonderful book…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows starts of with some death eaters, Snape, Yaxley, Dolohov, the Malfoys, Bellatrix and Burbage with Lord Voldemort.  They’re discussion is crucial, and that’s the reason I’m going to tell you NOTHING about it.  In the next chapter Harry is fiddling around in his room at his dreadful realitives, the Dursleys. Harry can’t wait because in only  four days when he turns 17, he comes of age. When Harry comes of age he is allowed to do magic out of school. He decides to pass to time by reading an artical in the Daily Prophet. It’s about Albus Dumbledore, who has appeared in the paper lately. Again, I’m not going to tell you why, it’ll give it away. Suddenly, Uncle Vernon comes calls for Harry. He tells him that he thinks his house is in jeopardy because Harry is living in it. He decides that they are going to move as soon as Harry is picked up by members of the Order of the Phoenix.  Finally, they come. Two members called Dedalus and Hestia come and escort the Dursleys to there new home, while Harry goes up to  jis bedroom and packed his bags. Madeye, Fred and Geroge, Bill and soon to be wife Fleur,  Ron, Hermione, Mr Weasley,Lupin and soon to be wife Tonks,  Kingsley, Hagrid, and Mundungus Fletcher where there to escort Harry to from Privet Drive to The Burrow.  They decide to make the polijuice potion and make 7 Harrys. They all go to different safe house so they can use a Portkey ( Like a portal) to the Burrow. Finally, after Ron, Hermoine, Fred and George and Fleur drank the potion, they set off. Harry was riding with Hagrid on his motorbike with his trunk. As they flew into the sky they could see many Death Eaters surrounding him and the seven Potters.  There was many Death Eaters up in the sky, waiting for Harry to come. They started firering spells at the Potters, franticly trying to stun each on. They flew at a tremendous pace until suddenely, there he was, Lord Volemort, flying in the sky…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a wonderfully exciting, action packed book that I loved. It had everything in it, adventure, action, love, double-agents and of course, answers to Harry’s biggest and troubling questions.  I loved it, 5 stars!!!!!

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A Few Things You Need To Know…


Every week there’s normally one big, terrific thing. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve finished. Sometimes I went to the cienima. But this week nothing really happened exciting happened, but there’s a few things that make the list…

Monday Afternoon: On Monday afternoon I started playing basketball. I think we moved up a level, we won the Grand Final last year. The team we verused thrashed us, the final score was something like 37-2. I had a great time though,  and the team is really nice.

Tuesday Night: On Tuesday night I had a great time. My cousins from Austria came down to our house. We made a delicious meal and I ate at least ¼ of the cannonbeer cheese!!! Yum!!! Sabrina and I performed a duet, Sabrina singing and me playing the piano. It was so much fun!!!!!!

Saturday Afternoon: On Saturday morning we drove up to Melbourne. Mum and Dad let Sabrina, Tessa and I go to Clip ‘n Climb. Clip ‘n Climb is a big climbing centre in Melbourne. It’s got 33 different climbing walls plus the leap of faith and  the vertical slide. I went on every wall besides two and the leap of faith. You get instucted for 15 mins and climb for 45 mins!!!! It was tremedous fun!!!!

Saturday Night: On top of driving to Melbourne and Clip ‘n Climb, we went to one of Mum’s friends house, Jen and Glen’s. They have two children, Edward and Eloise. We got to watch a movie but I went down to watch the AFL, Essendon vs Bulldogs. I watch the middle of the second quater- just past half time. In the end Essendon won. While I watch some of their pets, Mable ( the dog) and Felix ( the cat, sometimes he didn’t stay). Mable layed on me while I watched and Felix lay further back, but I could just pat him. I had a wonderful time.

Mid Sunday: Sunday morning was pouring with rain. But we got an outing. We got to go to Brunett’s.  I got a very nice maggerita pizza slice. after that we went to Readings,  the BIG bookshop across the road. I got the book Divergent, a book a friend  recommended. After that we went straight to one of my dad’s friends houses. That was terrific fun!!!


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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince; Book Review.


I know I didn’t do a book review on Harry Potter and the Order of  the Phoenix but I’m reading to fast, plus, I like this one better…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince starts of with the Muggle Prime Minister getting a visit from the new old Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Fudge tells the Prime Minister that there is a new Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour. He also tells him that there has been a mass breakout in the wizard prison, Azkaban. Several Death Eaters ( Lord Voldemorts suppoters) exscaped, they were the second people\group to do so, after Sirius Black. Fudge also mensions several recent diasters caused by wizards. Lastly he introduces the new Minister of Magic to the Prime Minister. The next chapter introduces some Death Eater having a VERY important convasation amongst themselves. I dare not tell you what they say, it’ll give it all away.  Finally, in chapter three, we introduce Harry.  He is looking out the window in the dead of night, with some newspaper artical to the side. The newspaper suggests that Harry is ‘ The Chosen One’.  The next one says: ‘ Scrimgeour succeds Fudge.’  Harry lays down on his bed, waiting anxicously for Professor Dumbledore to come and escort Harry to meet a someone.  Harry finally heard the doorbell ring. He didn’t pack anything in his trunk, he didn’t think Dumbledore would come. He could hear Dumbledore speakng to Mr Dursley. Then it hits him, he forgot to tell the Dursleys the Dumbledore was coming. Packing his trunk frantically he hurried down to Dumbldore, he said goodbye to the Dursleys and hurried along to Dumbledore. He decides to Apparate with Harry  to visit a person named Horace Slughorn…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  is an exciting, mysterious and wonderful book. Everything makes sense in the end, but with the impossible task Professor Dumbledore has left Harry, Ron and Hermione, they don’t need to worry about that…

J.K Rowling has wrote another masterpiece, I give it 5 stars!!

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A Social and Exciting blur…


Most of the week has been social and exciting blur,  but here’s just the best bits:

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to a the regainals in swimming. I went in 50m butterfly and got 3rd in my heat, but 13th overall. I got a new best time of 50.54. On Friday at whole school assembly I got to go up and say what I did. When I was walking up I herad someone say ” That’s Tesssa’s sister” when I was walking up. ( Tessa is my little sister) It was so cute!!

Saturday: On Saturday we went up to Melbourne to see mum’s friend Ange And her kids Zoe and Milly ( It could be spelled Millie, I not sure!!). We went down to a great park and I climbed a few trees there too. We had a delicious picnic under a nice tree. It was really nice.

Sunday: On Sunday we went to another friend of mum’s house, Moi and Trever. We played with their kids Sassy ( or Sassie I’m not sure) and Heidi. The eldest sister Claudia wasn’t there at the time. We played on the trampoline, explored the house and played alot of Just Dance on the Wii.We had a great time.

So that’s all for this week, but there’ll be more to come…


PS: I won’t do a post next week since I’ll be on holidays!!!! So exciting!!!!

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Book Review.


I know I’ve done HEAPS of book reviews latly, but I’m reading so fast, my legs can’t keap up!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starts of in a different way to the rest. You start off as Frank, the gardener of a desereted house, The Riddle House. Frank notices that there is some light in the house, there are intruders. He ease-drops on these intruders and listens in. He finds out that a man called Wormtail is talking to another mysterious voice. They plan to attack after the Quidditch World Cup.  Frank has no idea about what they are talking about, since he’s a Muggle. They mension Bertha Jonkins, who went missing. They talk more about Bertha, and her disappearence. Just as Frank was going to go and tell the police, the second voice noticed he was there, and beconed him inside. Frank went in, completly terrified. He talks to Voldemort, and then asked him to turn his chair around, Voldemort had not shone his face.  Voldemort turns around and cast his face on Frank Byrce, as he crumbled away. Only 200 miles away, Harry Potter woke up with a start. The dream he just had, it had frightened him emormously. Voldemort face, staring at him. The image just stuck in his head.  His scar suddenly starts hurting, and he has to tell someone. He can’t tell the Durselys, they won’t listen. He could call Dumbledore, but writing: Dear Dumbledore, Sorry to bother you, but my scar is hurting. From, Harry. The thought of Voldemort’s face interupes him, but them he finally gets it. Sirus! He writes a letter to him,  writing about his scar.  The next morning Mr Dursely gets a letter from Mrs Weasely ( Mother of Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred and Geroge, Ron and Ginny) saying that they had got tickets to the Quidditch World Cub, and saying Harry could come to! Verorn ( Dursely) thought about this, and finally to Harry’s delight, he said yes. So the Weaselys picked up Harry and went straight to the World Cup. It was great fun! When it was over Harry and Ron got split up from the others. They reached the forest, but then, some-one lit up the Dark Mark in the sky…

I loved Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it had so much of everything. I loved it!! 5 stars!!!

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