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Enid Bylton.

I’ve been a big reader since grade 1,  that’s when I started liking Enid Blyton books.

Enid Blyton was born on the 11/8/1897 and died on the 28/11/1968. Enid Blyton was a children’s  author in the  late 1930’s. She has written HEAPS of books and series and is quite famous!! Some of the series that she wrote are: The Famous Five series, The Magical Faraway Tree series, The Secret Seven series, The Mysteries Series, The Marlory Towers series, The Wishing Chair series, The Naughtiest Girl series and The St Clare’s series. My two favourites (I can’ t choose out of them!) are the Famous Five series and the Magical Faraway Tree series.

I have been reading her books in lots of different years at school, not all in the same year. First I read a bit of The Enchanted Wood,  but then I started reading The Folk of The Faraway Tree, and read The Enchanted Wood after that. The next year I read the first  three books in the Famous Five series. In that same year I also read some of the books in the Secret Seven series. And that brings us up to this year. I bought an Enid Bylton book a few days ago, so I might read that this year.

Enid Blyton was a brilliant, fantastic author and has written so many books that many children ( of all ages) will enjoy for many years to come.

The dates of when Enid Blyton was born and died are from Wikipedia. 

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“Enid Bylton.”

  1. November 12th, 2014 at 7:23 am      Reply Eliza Says:

    Hello Josie,
    I love your blog it looks great!
    My favourite Enid Blyton book is “The Faraway Tree” because I really like the adventures they go on up the the faraway tree in the magical lands in the clouds. I’ve never heard of the “famous five”. I would like to read them because if you like them I probably will too.
    Did you know that I am going to get a blog soon? YAY!!
    Maybe you could help me learn the tricks about blogging.
    Eliza. 😉

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