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It’s Party Time!


Everyone loves a party and I recently went to one! I went to my friend Bea’s party. It was a rock climbing party and we had lots of fun!This is what we got up to.

First we played a game called ‘Musical Holes’. This is how you play. The winner of the game is the person holding a rock for the longest. You have to walk around the walls until the instructor says ‘Stop’.When he says stop you have to climb on the nearest rock climbing wall and stay there hanging until the instructor says  ‘go’ and then you can drop!

Then we play Octorpusy. This is how you play. First, their is one person in the middle, in this case the birthday girl. When the person  says ‘Octorpusy’ everyone runs to the other side and if you get caught by the person your seaweed and you can’t move but you can pivot!

After that we went to the bigger part of the place and went rock climbing with harnesses! The party was a great success! Everyone climbed at least once and everyone enjoyed it!


Did You Go To The Party?

Have You Been Rock Climbing?  

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