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7 Days of my Life.


I know I’ve done few posts on this, but my week keeps changing, over and over, and I can hardly keep up!!

Monday: On Monday I’ve got basketball. Our team’s going quite well this season, we’ve only lost one game. The game we lost was 13-23, which was this week!!  Our best player was away, but I still got two goals, so I’m happy.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I’ve got music lessons with my sister. She sings and I play the piano. Sometimes we do a duet together. I’m working on doing the piano to the song Crazy, by Gnarls Bakely.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I either go to my sisters  swimming lesson or chill out at home watching T.V. Pretty relaxing day.

Thursday: Thursday’s the early morning day. On Thursday I’ll start doing early morning swimming lessons with my friend Lucy. It goes from six ’til seven in the morning!! In the afternoon I have nothing at all, maybe a play or two.

Friday: Nothing. I will NEVER, NEVER in a MILLION years have ANYTHING on a Friday. Fridays my day to just sit and relax in front of the T.V. 

Saturday: Nothing at all. Maybe drive up to Melbourne for the weekend, or perhaps a family outing.

Sunday: Sunday I do this basketball drill session with Sabrina and some friends. The rest of the time I’m relaxing in front of the TV.


A Few Things You Need To Know…


Every week there’s normally one big, terrific thing. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve finished. Sometimes I went to the cienima. But this week nothing really happened exciting happened, but there’s a few things that make the list…

Monday Afternoon: On Monday afternoon I started playing basketball. I think we moved up a level, we won the Grand Final last year. The team we verused thrashed us, the final score was something like 37-2. I had a great time though,  and the team is really nice.

Tuesday Night: On Tuesday night I had a great time. My cousins from Austria came down to our house. We made a delicious meal and I ate at least ¼ of the cannonbeer cheese!!! Yum!!! Sabrina and I performed a duet, Sabrina singing and me playing the piano. It was so much fun!!!!!!

Saturday Afternoon: On Saturday morning we drove up to Melbourne. Mum and Dad let Sabrina, Tessa and I go to Clip ‘n Climb. Clip ‘n Climb is a big climbing centre in Melbourne. It’s got 33 different climbing walls plus the leap of faith and  the vertical slide. I went on every wall besides two and the leap of faith. You get instucted for 15 mins and climb for 45 mins!!!! It was tremedous fun!!!!

Saturday Night: On top of driving to Melbourne and Clip ‘n Climb, we went to one of Mum’s friends house, Jen and Glen’s. They have two children, Edward and Eloise. We got to watch a movie but I went down to watch the AFL, Essendon vs Bulldogs. I watch the middle of the second quater- just past half time. In the end Essendon won. While I watch some of their pets, Mable ( the dog) and Felix ( the cat, sometimes he didn’t stay). Mable layed on me while I watched and Felix lay further back, but I could just pat him. I had a wonderful time.

Mid Sunday: Sunday morning was pouring with rain. But we got an outing. We got to go to Brunett’s.  I got a very nice maggerita pizza slice. after that we went to Readings,  the BIG bookshop across the road. I got the book Divergent, a book a friend  recommended. After that we went straight to one of my dad’s friends houses. That was terrific fun!!!


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A Social and Exciting blur…


Most of the week has been social and exciting blur,  but here’s just the best bits:

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to a the regainals in swimming. I went in 50m butterfly and got 3rd in my heat, but 13th overall. I got a new best time of 50.54. On Friday at whole school assembly I got to go up and say what I did. When I was walking up I herad someone say ” That’s Tesssa’s sister” when I was walking up. ( Tessa is my little sister) It was so cute!!

Saturday: On Saturday we went up to Melbourne to see mum’s friend Ange And her kids Zoe and Milly ( It could be spelled Millie, I not sure!!). We went down to a great park and I climbed a few trees there too. We had a delicious picnic under a nice tree. It was really nice.

Sunday: On Sunday we went to another friend of mum’s house, Moi and Trever. We played with their kids Sassy ( or Sassie I’m not sure) and Heidi. The eldest sister Claudia wasn’t there at the time. We played on the trampoline, explored the house and played alot of Just Dance on the Wii.We had a great time.

So that’s all for this week, but there’ll be more to come…


PS: I won’t do a post next week since I’ll be on holidays!!!! So exciting!!!!

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The Odd Ones In!


There’s always some little event or two that I miss, so here’s the events:

Event 1: I went in a swimming carnval about 2 weeks ago. I did 50m backstroke, butterfly and butterfly in the medley. I came 2nd in butterfly with a time of 50.94 sec,  and got into the regainals (I forgot my time for the others)!! I was the only one who got into the regainals in my school!!!

Event 2: The footy. I went to a pratcise match at Simonds Stadium. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos on a Friday night, with the lights! The score was North Melbourne: 9 goals, 13 behinds: 67 ( or 10 goals 7 behinds) and North Melbourne: 11 goals, 10 behinds: 76. The underdogs won! The footy season has started with the opening game Collingwood vs Freamantle. Freamantle thrashed Collingwood by something like 70pts!

Event 3: The long weekend. On the long weekend I got to see Ella, my best friend. She moved to a place ages away so I only see her on the holidays. We went to the beach and played with her ‘Rainbow Loon’  kit. It was so much fun.

Event 4: Melbourne. We went to Melbourne for a few nights and stayed at our nanna’s house.  We went to Imax ( the world’s 3rd largest screen!!!) to see ‘Flight of the Butterflies’. It was really good.  It’s about a man who is on a mission to discover the migating paths of the Monarch Butterfly. He finds a family and discovers an organisation to help. Finally, after 50 or so years, he gets it!

So there you go, all the little events that are the odd ones out!

3 Posts in one!


Last week, as you probably don’t know, I did a post called ‘2 posts in one’, but that was nothing. This week it’s three posts in one!

Three posts in one is when I do a paragraph for each subgect. I’ll do one on Pump it, one on the Lighting of the Christmas Tree and the other one on our trip to Adventure park.

Pump it!

As you’re are probably wondering, Pump it was the name of the play we did this year at the Scarlet Theartre Company.  It was a mixed performce, which means that it wasn’t a story, but lots of dances and songs all with a theme. This year the theme was hip hop.  My favourite dance was probably Pump it and Rich Man’s Frug. Thanks Hannah for a great performance and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

The Lighting of The Christmas Tree.

The lighting of the Christmas tree is an annual celabration where locals perform and celabrate Christmas.  At about 8.30pm the light the tree (If you’re wondering, it’s a HUGE tree so it looks really good.) We all have fun and run around ’till 8.30pm, because it’s very special when the light it. This year was especially fun because Hannah invited us to come up and do a song with her. It was called We need a little Christmas. It was very exciting and fun. pic from:


Adventure Park

Adventure park is a water park in Wallington( Near Geelong) and is Victoria’s biggest theme park and it’s first water theme park.  We only go there once a year, so it’s very special. This time it as really fun. For one, it wasn’t so there wasn’t much queues. My favourite ride would’ve been the Wild West Canyon and the spinning ride. ( Sorry I don’t know the name of it!) It was really fun!! 



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Two Posts in One!


I can’t decide, these two posts are to good to choose which one, so I’m going to do both! First Los Locos, then House Plays:

Los Locos? What are they, or more like it who are they?

Los Locos are a spanish band coming to school for the spanish fiesta. We are going to sing two songs together, El Burrito of Belen and Feliz Navidad.  I’m especially excited about El Burrito of Belen because I’m going to be at the front of the school performing the dance because I knew it well! 😀 Pic from:

At school we are stating to have a spanish fiesta each year. This year is the 3rd time we’ve done it. Last year it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun.  I did a post on it last year if you’re intrested.

Over all I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about Los Locos coming.

PS: Los Locos in spanish means: The Crazys!!

 House Plays.

Welcome,  ladies and gents, to PLPS’s House plays 2013!! We have some very great acts for you today, so why don’t you take a look!

House plays is when each house ( Blues, Yellow, Red, Green) do a play. I’m in blue house, and this year we did a play called Alice in Oz. It was just like Alice in Wonderland execpt she goes to Australia, not Wonderland. I was the Narator, Livia was Alice and Lucy was Lady Bush Ranger. (These are the main rolls)

The other house did Cinderfella (Red), Snow Bright and the seven sumos (Green) and The Three Porkers ( Yellow). My favourite was The Three Porkers, by Yellow house. I especially LOVED Leilani’s acting. It was really good.

Overall it was a great morning and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it!






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My First Time Camping!!!


Yes, this post is about my first time camping. I’m not doing a post about something that I did ages ago. This is something recent!! You want to hear about? Well here it is:

Well, it started when my friend Eliza’s dad, came and told me that they were going camping at a Big 4 with Kade’s and Thomas’ family, and that I could come. I obviously said yes, because I had never been camping.

When it was finally time to go, I packed everything, and drove to the Big 4.  When I got there Eliza’s dad was cooking lunch. ( We arivred at some time near lunch.) I set everything up and then it was time to go and play!

One of the  of the best momments was when we went to the half deflated jumping pillow.  We all went there together. We played tiggy,   wresteled a bit, just lay down and had fun! It was extra good that it was pretty late, so no one else was on it!

I also loved going to the pool with Eliza. There is a waterslide there. It’s just like a slide, just with warm water running down it. We went on the water slide about 5 million times!!! We also went in the baby area. It had water spouting out of different pipes. There is one that has water coming out of two paralel pipes, so it made a  little doorway.

Overeall, it was a great trip, thanks for making my dream camping trip a realaty.

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An Unexpected Sleepover…


As you have seen, I had a sleepover, not a play. A play and a sleep over are completly different. For one you have so much more luggage. Anyway back to the post…

It was about 2.30pm and we just got home from the library, when we just drove into the driveway, our friends Poppy and Winnie came around from the corner. First we went into my room and ate some lollies from my lolly stash. I’m not telling you where it is, because my sisters, Sabrina and Tessa might be reading this.

Next we did some magic tricks from my magic box. We did the Yellow is bigger than red trick, The magic card case trick, The colour changing stick and a few more.

After that it was time for Poppy and Winnie to go home. But Poppy and I wanted a sleepover. So we dropped Winnie of a her place and then we came home.

Then Tessa, my little sister, came in and annoyed us. Some how, went made up this game that she chases us and we try to get away. ( If you’re wondering, Tessa is a great wrestler!!Also, she only in kindergarten) It was so much fun!!

Then we had dinner and watched The Princess and the Frog on T.V and went to bed.

About 10 hours Later…

We woke up and watched Spy Kids, All the Time in the World on the DVD player and had breakfast. Then we just played on the Ipods and did the magic show and then Poppy went home.

It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!

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One normal week…


As you see, this post is about a week, a normal week. I couldn’t think of anything long enough to do a post about, so this is a typical week in the life of Josie…

Monday: School: Sport and Spanish. We’re doing Hot shots in sport and stories in Spanish. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Tuesday: School: Nothing. Just Maths, Writing, Reading and/or Intergraded Studies. Home: Hannah’s Theatre Group. Hannah’s Theatre Group is a drama group. This year we’re doing a show called Get Pumped!

Wednesday: School: Nothing. Again. Just the normal. Home: Nothing. Just chilling out all afternoon.

Thursday: School: Art (Every second week) and Library. In Art we did a drawing of some gnomes for a competition called ‘Better Gnomes and Gardens.’ In Library we just borrow books. Home: Nothing. Again. Chilling out is sooo fun!!

Friday: School: Spelling and Clubs. For Spelling do work in our special Spelling books. In Clubs we have a special club for the term which we vote for at the start of term. This term we’re not doing Clubs because we’ve got House Plays. Home: Piano Lessons. At the moment I’m learning a song called Around the Totem Pole and At the Skating Ring.

So that’s my week.  Pretty busy, isn’t it?!


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The Birregurra Festival


Pic from:facebook.comRides, animals, food, shops. This is the Birregurra Featival. 

Birregurra featival is loacated in Birregurra and has lots of rides, shops and food. Don’t forget the shows and live music.

I didn’t go on much rides, because the ticket both was closing down. So I just went on the jumping castle and Sabrina and Tessa went on a spinning ride. We all went to the animal section. I was lucky enough to get a cat, but not a kitten.

Next we went around to the stalls to see if there was anything good. I got a new hat and and a few anclets.

Then we played on the playground and trove home.

It was an awesome show!!

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