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Falls Creek


I love skiing, even though I only do it once or twice a year. This year it’s Falls Creek, and I really excited!!!

First I’ll tell you about my history in skiing…

I started skiing when I was about 6yrs old. I started at Mt Buller. My mum and my dad both ski, and dad LOVES Mt Buller. So thats where I started. On the first day, when dad hired my ski boots, he hired two left boots instead of a left and right! So I was skiing with my two left boots for the whole day  until the next day the guy at lift told dad!! So I always tell dad to look at the boots!

Anyway, This time it was so fun! We stayed at a two bedroom unit, not a two room apartment. It was next to my friend Lucy’s apartment so I went over to her place once. It was so fun. We went down this little slide next to her apartment and I went head first, like superman!

It was one of the best family hoildays at the snow ever!!

Here’s a map of Falls Creek:



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Boss Of The Pool…



This is the Boss Of The Pool. Me. No. Boss of the Pool is book the 3\4’s Are Reading at the moment.

Boss of the Pool is a book about a girl called Shelly, a mean, selfish, jealous girl and her ‘friend’, Ben. Ben is a nice boy, about fifteen or sixteen, who loves Shelly. Even though Shelly is really mean to him, and Shelly doesn’t like him, Ben still loves Shelly. Shelly’s mum, Anne, works at Hostel. Shelly wants to stay at home by herself, since it’s the holidays. She can either go to her boring next-door-neighbor’s house, Mrs Murray or go to the Hostel with her mum. She decides to go to the Hostel, meeting Ben. There happens to be a pool there, so Shelly decides to go to it. One reason is so she not really bored in the car, the other reason is because Ben doesn’t like the water at all. So Shelly can get some peace and quiet for once. Shelly suddenly gets Ben upset, so she unexpectedly helps Ben play in the water by himself. Unfortunately, we haven’t read any more, but I’ll edit this post as soon as we do.


Pic From:



The 3\4 student teacher, Miss Marmo is reading the book, and doing an absolutely brilliant job of it!


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Sports Day


 schThis post is about sports day. Well, at school we had a school sports day. To start of with, each student is in a house colour. The colours are Green,  Yellow, Red and Blue house. Each student tries to be first, second or third to get points for their house. If your house wins you get a little silver sheld on a big wooden shield. But this year the house that won got the whole wooden shield because it didn’t have any more room for any little shields! This year Green came fourth, Yellow came third, Red came second and Blue came first!

These are the events that are held: Shot Put, Limbo, Egg And Spoon Race, Sack Race, Sprints,Hurdles,  Long Jump and High Jump. There were also relays for a quater of the oval and runs around the oval. Preps did one lap, Grade one and twos did two laps, Grade three and fours did three laps and Grade five sixes did four laps.


Luckily, the weather was sunny and beautiful, so nothing was canceled. Parents and Teachers cheered the kids on and everyone got at least one ribbon and enjoyed it!

 What Is Your Favourite event?

Did You Do A Relay?

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