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Spanish Fiesta!!!


Fiesta time! It’s time to party, because we just had a Spanish fiesta! Well, to start with a fiesta is Spanish for a party! So when you translate that, it means we had a spanish party! 😉

We had all these different activities  like: Spanish Quiz with Miss Dennis, Soccer match with Mr Aheran, Cooking with Mrs Barry, A  and heaps more awesome activities.  Each group did at least four activities in a group. Everyone was in a group number from 1-10. I was in group 7.  We did cooking with Mrs Barry. We made guacamole and ate with corn chips! M,M,M,M, YUMMY! Then we went to Mr Henen to do these speacil faces called picaso faces. After that we went to my favourite, Fiminco and Salsa dancing with a very friendly lady called Lisa.


We had a delisoso lunch, tacos. There were some lovely volunteers as the cooks. You could have, cheese, meat, salsa( sauce), lettuce and tomtoes. After that we had a delicious desert, churros! Churros are really  long spanish donuts with cinomin or icing sugar. H,H,H,M,M,M,M,M!!!!

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