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The Flash Mob!!!


You’re are probably wondering why we are doing a flash mob, or what a flash mob is in the first place!! Well if your wondering, read this( unless you can’t read which is kid’a weird, so get someone to read this for you!)

Well a flash mob is when people are just acting normally when suddenly some music comes on and then people just start dancing to the music and more unexpected people come in untill everyones in and it really funny for the people who aren’t doing it!!! 

So anyway, we’re doing on Thursday and it’s at school when we’re working, and we’re doing it to the teachers for spanish.We’re sing a song about the family and how much you love them!! 

So don’t tell the teachers!!!!

This is a picture of a flash mob to Gandom Style!…


 Pic from:

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Six Word Memoir…


Six words. In a sentence. Why? Or more appropriately, What? A six word memoir is six words describing your life. It could be memories, or about someone or something like that.

As I said, a six word memoir is six words describing your life. We are up to the stage of publishing our memoirs on a A4 piece of paper. You can write your memoir anywhere on the piece pf paper, just as long as you can see it! You can add pictures on the paper that describe your memoir. So if my memoir was about nature, you could draw some trees and bushes. I did two, the first ‘Why Did You Have To Go? And the second, ‘ I Really Love My Life, Alot.’  Here’s one from a famous author Ernest Hemingway:

 I know, mines not as good, but it was worth a try!

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Back To School!!


You know how we had holidays for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS or something, well, it’s over!!!!!!!!

This is our first week at school and we’ve gotten of to a good start. I’m in grade four, with the grade three’s to look after me.( Or is it the other way around!) My teacher is Mrs V. She is a lovely teacher and I had her for half of prep. I’ve got alot of friends, but a bit disappointed that my friend, Lucy( From Jump, sit, stay @ Lucy’s Blog.) is not in my class. If your wondering, what’s Mrs Murphy doing. Well she’s going to be in all the 3\6  class rooms. She’ll still be on her class blog.

Now that I’ve told you about school so far, so here’s some high-lights from the holidays. I the first highlight is going to Luna Park in Melbourne. I went on the Scenic Railway! The Scenic Railway is a roller coaster that goes around all of Luna park. It’s almost a Kilometre long  and the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!! In other words, oldest running roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated it and loved it and petrified of it and had fun all at the same time! That’s alot of feelings! The Second was going to Melbourne then Sale then Melbourne then home. Here’s how we went: First my sisters and I went to Melbourne with our nanna to her house for three days. We played in lots of parks and had so much fun. Then we went to Sale with mum. Sale is a town near a few other towns such as Heyfield and Traralgon. In other words, in the middle of nowhere. You just drive on the Princess Hwy untill you get to Sale. We went to Sale because of my best friend, Ella, that moved to Sale in 2010. We had a lovely time. We also vistited there school and a park near. Then we went to my other Nanna for about three hours then home.

Goodbye Nathaneil, Bethany, Charlie, Jaz And Abbey!!!


I know I’m really excited for Christmas, but I’m also sad about somethings too! Well I’m sad because Nathaniel, Bethany and Charlie are leaving the school!!

Well, first Nathaniel and  Bethany are leaving overseas, to America. I hope they have a great time there and make some  friends on the first day of school! They have been a great friends to heaps of people and will be missed alot! Luckily, Bethany has a blog so you can still talk to her on her blog, so here’s the website:

Now on to Charlie. Charlie has some very nice friends, is a very nice friend and will be missed as much as Nathaniel and Bethany. Charlie is moving to Denmark, but I don’t know where. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a blog, but he will be coming back next year for a visit! Lets hope you make some new friends pronto!

Here’s Jaz’s part. Jaz has been a friend to heaps, a great girl and will be missed as much as the others. She might not have as many friends as everyone else, but she sure deserves more! Luckily, Jaz isn’t moving over-seas, so if your lucky, you might see her around on the holidays! She doesn’t have a blog, but at least she’s not over-seas!! She’s definitely going to make at least two friends in the first two weeks at her new school!!!!

This is Abbey, a kind, thoughtful girl and a friend to alot. She might not be at the top of the popularity charts, but one day she definitely will! Luckily, she is still in the country, so you might see her here some day! She doesn’t have a blog, but as I said earlier, she’s still in the country, so she not on the other side of the world!!!! She’ll definitely make some friends before you can say ‘I miss Abbey, Jaz, Charlie, Bethany and Nathaniel alot!!’

Let’s hope they have the best school they could possibly have and have a great time where ever they are!

Are You Moving?

Will You Miss Them?

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CAFE And Daily 5


his post is about two school programs, which to my point of view, are good programs. These programs are CAFE and Daily 5.

CAFE is a reading program. It stands for Comprehension, Accuracy,Fluency and Expand Vocabulary. Each student has a seprot goal under one of the categories. Also, at about every morning from Monday Thursday, the 3\4’s do two ‘things’. Going on the blog and seeing the news and going to learn a reading strategy or revising one.

Daily 5 takes place after CAFE.Daily 5 is when you have, you guessed it, 5 activities. These are the activities: Work on Writing ( Go on the blog and comment),Read to self ( Read to your self),Read to someone( Read To someone), Listen To Reading ( Go on the I pad and listen to a app) and Word work ( Working on work sheets about words!). My favourite activity is read to self or work on writing

 What Is Your Favourite Activaty?

What Is Your Goal Under?


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Sports Day


 schThis post is about sports day. Well, at school we had a school sports day. To start of with, each student is in a house colour. The colours are Green,  Yellow, Red and Blue house. Each student tries to be first, second or third to get points for their house. If your house wins you get a little silver sheld on a big wooden shield. But this year the house that won got the whole wooden shield because it didn’t have any more room for any little shields! This year Green came fourth, Yellow came third, Red came second and Blue came first!

These are the events that are held: Shot Put, Limbo, Egg And Spoon Race, Sack Race, Sprints,Hurdles,  Long Jump and High Jump. There were also relays for a quater of the oval and runs around the oval. Preps did one lap, Grade one and twos did two laps, Grade three and fours did three laps and Grade five sixes did four laps.


Luckily, the weather was sunny and beautiful, so nothing was canceled. Parents and Teachers cheered the kids on and everyone got at least one ribbon and enjoyed it!

 What Is Your Favourite event?

Did You Do A Relay?

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Poems, Poems, Poems,

They’re great aren’t they,

Poems, Poems, Poems,

Were doing them now, Yay!

Poems, a beautiful piece of work, and were working on them in writing! We have all been working on a few different types of poems.These are the ones:

Pyramid poem. A Pyramid Poem is a poem that goes down like a pyramid.  A descriptive pyramid poem is were you describe the title. So if your title was trees, your second line might be green and  bushy.And you go on and on until you get to a tenth line!

Cinquain poem.This poem you write the title at the start and then you pop on two adjective about the title. Then you do three more adjectives. After that you pop a phrase, question or statement about the title. So if my title was boats a question could be Why do boats bob up and down? And last but not least a word to describe the title.




Alphabet poem.An alphabet poem is a poem that goes down the alphabet. Each line must rhyme with the next and they have to have nere or the same amount of syllables. Here’s an example: A is for ant which crawls down the wall, B is for balloon which lives in my hall. See how they almost have the same amount of sylables!

Alliteration poem. An alliteration poem, or a tongue twister for short is a poem which is hard( Sometimes VERY hard) to say. They do this by have a sound or a few sounds that sound the same and use words with the sound in them. Here’s an example: ‘ A noise annoys an oyster, but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more!’  See how most of the words have the sound ou, oy and oi.

Those are the only poems that we’ve done, but there’s more to come…

What’s Your favourite Poem?

Have You Tried Any?

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Hi,If you don’t know what tribes are, you probably shouldn’t be on my blog!No, I’m just kidding!

Tribes are little groups of kids that aren’t  really friends.We all try to work together to complte  different tasks!

Most tribes have at least five kids in each tribe.Most Tribes are with boys and girls. For example, I might have three girls and three boys in my tribe.

I have five people in my tribe, James, Sophie, Cody, Harry and me!

Tribes are great fun and great for making new friends.

Who’s In Your Tribe?

Are You Having Fun?


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