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A Busy Week Full of Fun!


This week was so busy, I couldn’t choose what to write about. So I’m just going to tell you everything!!

Monday: On Monday we had basketball in Under 14’s. Our team is really bad (no offence guys!),  we’ve got two grade 3’s ( supposed to be in under 12’s) our 2 tallest players aren’t that tall, and Olivia, a friend, Lucy, another friend, and me. We are each 11. We lost (again) but got our highest score and if the team weren’t that tall, we would’ve won. It was 10-28.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a VERY big day for me. I’m going for school captain, and I did my speech in front of the 2-6’s who vote after the speeches are finished. My speech went pretty well, I think, I didn’t get much stage fright, but I was tapping my foot the entire time! Besides from that I think I did pretty well, I hope. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday: On Wednesday I did the school captain interview. The principle (Mrs A), Mrs Hill, Harriet and Geordie ( current school captains, we don’t have a vice, our school has only around 180 students) and Michelle ( School council president) were there. I think I did okay in the interview, you could tell I was nervous, but I answered the questions well, I hope.

Friday (nothing happened on Thursday): Friday was when Sabrina, my sister, and I did our music concert. I played Fix You-Coldplay on the piano, Sabrina sang Castle on the Clouds, from Les Miserable, and then we did a duet together. She sang Who Knew-Pink and played the piano to it. Luckily, we didn’t stuff up, so we played pretty well.

Saturday: Saturday was probably the most tiring day of all. We first woke up and went into Geelong to see a Mini Groodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a poodle (called a Goldendoodle in USA).  These were the mum and dad that were going to have puppies in April/ May, 2015. They are both 3/4  mini poodle, a 1/4 Golden Retiever. They are only about 10cm ( max) bigger than a miniature poodle. Both fluffy (a quality in a dog I love!), have great friendly natures, gorgeous ears and love a swim. These dogs are perfect for our family.

After that we went to Adventure Park ( which is in Wallington, not Geelong). My favourite ride was the Gold Rush Rapids, the blue water slide next to the yellow one, or the adult go karts. I got two shots of it since I wanted to go with dad. On the second turn I wouldn’t let dad overtake me until the last moment when another car ganged up with dad and over took me on the last lap!

So that was my busy week full of fun!



 Every two years, the 5/6’s are lucky enough to  do a snorkeling program! Well, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  it was our turn. Here’s what we did…

On Monday Mrs Hill’s class ( my class) went a  special pool to practise snorkeling before going to the beach, on Wednesday,  and actually go snorkeling. The two instructors, Alex and Peri, taught us how to use flippers ( many of us new how to do this, we’re not that bad!) to duckdive, equalize while duckdiving and what to do in an emergency.  We got to keep the snorkel, which was extremly nice considering that the program was free!

On Tuesday the other grade went, so there isn’t much to write about because I didn’t go!

Finally, Wednesday. Our grade was first. We got into our wetsuits, and went down to the beach. It was very calm water, with no waves at all. Everone ran into the water straight away.  We went snorkeling at Harry’s Reef, near Harry’s Café. My partner, Jess, and I had a great time. We saw sea urchins, squid eggs, a catshark, lots of fish, heaps of sea stars ( they’re not called starfish, as they are not fish) and about a million types of seaweed and plants.

I had a great time snorkeling and  a big Thank You Alex and Peri, who gave up their time to teach us for free, the Borough of Queenscliff for founding the program, and of course, Thank You to Mrs Hill and Mrs Barry for letting us go!!

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The Tuesday That Won Over Them All…


Well, this week was quite an exciting week. But the best bit was DEFINETLY Tuesday, but why?

On Tuesday (my friend) Lucy, my teacher and I went to the a Deakin campus and saw Dr Jane Goodall! Dr Jane Goodall is a conservationist and a  primatologist, humanitarian and a UN Messenger of Peace. She is now circling the globe 300 days a year, never staying at one place any more than three weeks. She is doing lectures about conservation to young people around the world, and inspiring others to follow in her foot steps. 

 She talked about her story, and how she became in love with chimpanzees and conserving the Earth. One favourite stories would be when Jane was about six. She lived in London, so she had never seen a cow or sheep. Well, Jane’s family moved out onto a farm. Jne was very excited and intreged by chickens. She wondered were the eggs came from. Obviously, no-one would tell her, so Jane went out and followed a chicken into it’s pen. She waited for hours, until finally, she saw it. All this time her mother was desperatly looking for her. When she found Jane in the pen, instead of shouting at her, she let Jane tell her the incredible          

pic from:

pic from:

adventure she just had. Jane started talking about the rest of her life until it meet with the present. She also talked about conservation and her ‘Roots and Shoots’ programme. Finally, after all that we brought out a birthday cake and started singing Happy Birthday, because it was her 80th birthday. For Jane’s full biography, press here: 

Well, seeing Dr Jane Goodall was a great experience and I loved it!

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5/6 Camp to Narmbool!!!!!


Going on school camp is one of the most exciting things each year, and now it’s here!!!!

 This year the 5/6’s went to Narmbool, a little country twon near Ballarat. We stayed at one camp on night, and another camp the next night. On the first day we stayed at a camp in the bush. We had cabins shaped like tents ( but bigger), beds like hammoks ( but not wobbly), an outside dunny and real outback style showers. On the first day we got to the camp and played some games the Aboriginals ( Indigenous Australians) play/played. We also did some orienteering around the camp, using only a compass. Lastly we did a little walk and saw a Wedged Tailed Eagles nest, but it abondoned it years ago. We had some dinner and some free time and then we went to bed.

On the second day we got up, had breaky and started our 8km walk. We had to orienteer our way along a path to get to our next camp. I had a good group and we navigated our way along the track very well and ( thankfully) didn’t get lost. Finally, we reached the lodge. It was perched in between a few hills, so we had to walk up a few. One particular hill was called the escarpment. It had lots of rocks that had blown out of a volcano 500 million years ago. When we got to the lodge we unpacked our bags and we were allowed to go and climb the escarpment. We had so much fun playing hide and seek in the rocks until dinner time. After dinner we had an astronomist from Ballarat come in to tell us about the stars and space.  We got to look through a telescope and see mars and I saw a shooting star for the first time!! I was so excited!!!! After that we had some supper and then went to bed. 

The last day we had a member from an animal rescue association around Narmbool. He specialices in birds of prey. He brang in a Little Eagle and told us about native birds of prey. After that we did a sustainability quest. We moved around to different activities. My favourite was the energy bikes. We got to ride a bike to generate power to turn a CD player. Then we had lunch and drove home.

Thank you Mrs Barry and Mrs Hill for orginising it and the staff for looking after us!


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A Week in the Life of Josie…


I know I did a post on this last year, but I had nothing else to write about…

Monday: School: Sport. At the momment in sport we are doing soccor. Home: Nothing. But when the season of basketball starts I’ll start playing that. But at the momment  just relax.

Tuesday: School: Music. We started doing music this year and the grade 5\6′ will be able to play the ukulele at the end of the year. Home: Music lessons! To music lessons on one day! At the momment I’m playing to song ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson on the piano and Sabrina ( my little sister) is singing to it.

Wednesday: School: Nothing special. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Thursday: School: C&C. It’s a new subject, but I forgot what it stands for! It’s art and spanish in one! Home: Nothing, just relaxing.

Friday: School: Spelling. Normally we do spellig but we haven’t started it yet. Assembly. We have school assembly every Friday. Home: Nothing. Normally I just relax infront of the T.V!!

Saturday: Home: Surfing. At the momment I do surfing lessons. Nothing else. Just go somewhere nice.

Sunday: Home: Nothing. Just go somewhere fun! 

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Enjoy the Little Things.


Enjoy the little things, that’s what I always say. And there was so many little things fun things that I couldn’t choose what to write about. So here’s a little list of the little fun things that I enjoyed:

Favourite Trip: My favourite trip would have to be when I went to the Kardinia Pool with my family. We went on the waterslide 3x, only because it was closing down for the day. Then I went on the 3 metre diving board. ( but I didn’t dive!!!!) The main reason we went to Kardinia was because I am doing a swimming carnival and I needed to pass the times for it. I’m put down ( in order) butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. I’m not going to tell you the times, it’s a secret!!!!!!

Favourite breaky: My favourite food was when I went to Café Amore, a new restaurant on the main road. We went there for breaky.I had two delicious mixed berry pancakes with sugar on the side. It was delicious!!!!!!!

Favourite activity: My favourite activity was when I went surfing on a fibreglass board for the first time!!! It was beautiful weather and I loved it!!!!

Favourite dinner:My favourite dinner was when we went out for dinner at Sushi 8, a Japanese restaurant in the centre of Geelong. It is a great Japanese restaurant, with lots of different things to choose from. I had some calamari, noodle soup and a chicken on a skewer.

Favourite TV show: My favourite TV show would have to be the start of the Winter Olympics, held in Sochi. Although I didn’t see the Opening Ceremony, I still got to see the first day of it, the final of the first Snowboarding Slope Style event. It was very interesting and exciting, since I love snow myself.

So that that little things for last week, but there are plenty more to come…




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Sports Day!!!


Monday was such a a great day. You know why, because it was sports day!!!!

Sports Day is an annual event at school when the four houses (Red, blue, yellow, green) compete to win the most points by getting the most ribbins and winning Sports Day. I’m in Blue house and we came in 2nd place. Green came fourth, red came thrid and yellow came first. I was actually kid of glad for yellow house because they haven’t won in 14yrs!! 14 years!!!!!

The events were egg and spoon, long jump, sack race, potato race, hurdles, shot put, limbo and sprints. I got a second in sack race, a fourth in hurdles and a first in our relays. My favourite activaty would have been sack race or hurdles. My least favourite would of been long jump because I got a bit cocky!!

Sports day was sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!! I loved Monday!!

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One normal week…


As you see, this post is about a week, a normal week. I couldn’t think of anything long enough to do a post about, so this is a typical week in the life of Josie…

Monday: School: Sport and Spanish. We’re doing Hot shots in sport and stories in Spanish. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Tuesday: School: Nothing. Just Maths, Writing, Reading and/or Intergraded Studies. Home: Hannah’s Theatre Group. Hannah’s Theatre Group is a drama group. This year we’re doing a show called Get Pumped!

Wednesday: School: Nothing. Again. Just the normal. Home: Nothing. Just chilling out all afternoon.

Thursday: School: Art (Every second week) and Library. In Art we did a drawing of some gnomes for a competition called ‘Better Gnomes and Gardens.’ In Library we just borrow books. Home: Nothing. Again. Chilling out is sooo fun!!

Friday: School: Spelling and Clubs. For Spelling do work in our special Spelling books. In Clubs we have a special club for the term which we vote for at the start of term. This term we’re not doing Clubs because we’ve got House Plays. Home: Piano Lessons. At the moment I’m learning a song called Around the Totem Pole and At the Skating Ring.

So that’s my week.  Pretty busy, isn’t it?!


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3/4AB @ Lonnie!!


3/4AB @ Lonnie?! What?? A blog of course!!

3/4 AB is the new 3/4 blog for this year. Please comment as we are very welcome!! Here’s the URL:



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Lonnies Got Talent Auditions!


If you think I’m in Austalia’s Got Talent, you’re wrong( I wouldn’t be that good!!)  I’m auditioning for  Lonnie’s Got talent and you’ll soon find out why I’m doing it…

Lonnie’s Got talent is a talent show at our school. Kids at school can audition for the show and then the show is later in the year so kids can reherse.

This year I’m doing a hola hop dance to some music. I’m doing lot of different tricks, like hoola hooping on my leg, arm, belly, neck and heaps of other tricks.

In the auditions there are judges. This time it Mrs Murphy, Mrs Hill and some other students that auditioned and got through. Yes children auditioned to be judges!! How weird!

Good luck to everyone that doing it and hope you enjoy it!!


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