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Turning Trash Into… Toys!?


You know when your at school doing a boring project, well this is nothing like a boring project!! This is a great, awesome, creative project. This project is a making a toy with your tribes out of recycled goods!

Well, we have these sheets of paper that have all these different stages. These are the stages: Mystery Box ( Pick a box with things in it and see your materials), Sketching ideas ( Draw at least three possible ideas on paper), Trading time ( Swoop something with someone), Construction time( Start construction), Diary of Changes ( Right down the changes since starting), Finishing off ( Finish and adnior your work), Think of the differences (What you would do differently).


In each box there is different things. Here’s some exanples: Cardboard tubes, Straws, Balloons, Cups and heaps more. There are things called ‘Lifelines’. Lifelines are these things that you can use to get a piece of enquetnment. You only get two Lifelines so use it carefuly. But, there are some things that don’t need lifelines to get like: String, Glue, Sticky Tape, Cardboard and paper. 

Each toy has to have at least one moving part. It could a wheel,  balloons, curtains, windows, anything, anything in the whole world. There is only one toy per tribe, so don’t make one each to take home.

What Are You Making?

What Do You Have In Your Box?

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Our Big Random Acts Of Kindness…


Remember back when in that post about random act of kindness and how I said now it’s time to think BIG! Well, now we have, real big. Our random acts of kindness ideas for the big act have gone CRAZY! Literally!

We have had all these different ideas from passionate kids to give speeches about there brilliant ideas. These are the ideas: Game Convention, Kindness Jar, Fun Day, Gift box for Afgani kids and Australian soldiers, sweet shop, Run for a brick, Skipping marothon and run for cancer.

Unfortunately, only four could be accomplished. These are the ones (in order): Sweet Shop, Gift box for Afghan kids and Austalian soldiers of these ideas are very good, as well as the rest, so we are glad to do it.

The sweet shop was about giving out icy poles to everyone child in the school. The icy poles were gluten, nut and egg free, so everyone in the school could have one!                                                                          

The Kindness Jar is about a jar left around the school for people to write act of kindness in.There will be a pen and paper left beside it so people don’t have to bring a pen! Our tribes will each pick one out of the box and do it!

 The Gift boxes for the Afghan kids and the Australian soldiers are hopefully going to be sent to them. We will put things like these: Pencils, colouring in book, small books, classic toys( barbies and yo-yo’s) small sports equipment,  soft toys, lolly snakesand stuff like that.

The last one is the Run for a brick. Run for a brick is a coursearound the town(probably).We’re raising the money to go  to a brick to the  monahan centre. Each brick is $1,000 dollars each! We’ll have to do it next year so it might not be a brick! 🙁

 What Is Your Favourite?

Are You Looking Forward To Them?

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Random Acts Of Kindness!


Kindness, on of the vital things in the world.

Anyway, at school the 3\4’s have been learning about Random act of kindness. Well to start of with random act of kindness are when you choose to do a random thing( Which is kind) to someone, anyone!

We have all seen a few video’s of random acts of kindness. These are the ones we’ve seen: Peach’s Neet Feet, Change For A Dollar, Ceadercrest High School Kindness Club, Playing For Change and Flight Of The Conchords Charity Song! You can see all the videos on The Grade 3\4 Learning Legends @ Lonnie on their Grade 3\4 Kindness post. If you scroll down the page, you see the wallwisher and click it. There, you can see all the videos PLUS some of the random acts of kindness the 3\4’s have been doing!


Plus, we also have a kindness button that goes around the 3\6 area. If the person with the button see’s a person doing a random act of kindness they give the button to the person and it goes over and over again! But, don’t tell anyone, especially if they want the button because they will just do kind things all day long and it’s really annoying!


Have You Done A Random Act Of Kindness Yet?

Have You Seen The Random Acts Of Kindness The 3\4’s Have Done?




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