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Summer Holidays!!


The summer holidays. I love them. Here’s the 3 main high lights of the holidays…

Christmas: Christmas is one of my favourite things about the summer holidays. Family, some mince tarts, oh- and presents, of course. This year’s Christmas was really fun, since we had both sides of the family on one day. Mum’s side for lunch, Dad’s for dinner. My favourite present would have been either  the Guinness World Records 2015 or a beautiful light pink vintage style coat that I love! I had a great time!!

Albury: After New Years Eve Mum and Sabrina, Tessa and I went up to Albury, a small city on the Murray River, since Mum grew up there. We went to the Albury pool most days, but mum was to scared to go on the water slide. Everyone went to Lola Wiggs though, because it was the place Mum used to get her hair cut, and out for dinner a few times.  We all went to the movies twice, and got Cold Rock ice-cream, which is ice-cream mashed with lollies. But my favourite activity would have to be going to the Hume Weir, a huge man made lake, or weir, that would be the closest thing to a beach. It was so much fun!!!

The Band of Magicians Magic Show: On the holidays I was lucky enough to go to a magic show with my sisters, our babysitter and our nanna. You see, our nanna put her name in to win tickets to a magic show in Melbourne. And who would of guessed who won, our nanna!! So since Mum and Dad were on holidays, our band of maicians blog picnanna asked us and our babysitter to come and watch. It was at the Palms, in the Crown Casino. The show was amazing!! My favourite trick would have to be when one of the men was telling a story and he placed the cards down when he said a number! So one line had $25 in it, so he put down a 2 and a 5, in order. He shuffled the pack before the trick, so I have know idea what so ever on how he did it!! Amazing!!!

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A Busy Week Full of Fun!


This week was so busy, I couldn’t choose what to write about. So I’m just going to tell you everything!!

Monday: On Monday we had basketball in Under 14’s. Our team is really bad (no offence guys!),  we’ve got two grade 3’s ( supposed to be in under 12’s) our 2 tallest players aren’t that tall, and Olivia, a friend, Lucy, another friend, and me. We are each 11. We lost (again) but got our highest score and if the team weren’t that tall, we would’ve won. It was 10-28.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a VERY big day for me. I’m going for school captain, and I did my speech in front of the 2-6’s who vote after the speeches are finished. My speech went pretty well, I think, I didn’t get much stage fright, but I was tapping my foot the entire time! Besides from that I think I did pretty well, I hope. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday: On Wednesday I did the school captain interview. The principle (Mrs A), Mrs Hill, Harriet and Geordie ( current school captains, we don’t have a vice, our school has only around 180 students) and Michelle ( School council president) were there. I think I did okay in the interview, you could tell I was nervous, but I answered the questions well, I hope.

Friday (nothing happened on Thursday): Friday was when Sabrina, my sister, and I did our music concert. I played Fix You-Coldplay on the piano, Sabrina sang Castle on the Clouds, from Les Miserable, and then we did a duet together. She sang Who Knew-Pink and played the piano to it. Luckily, we didn’t stuff up, so we played pretty well.

Saturday: Saturday was probably the most tiring day of all. We first woke up and went into Geelong to see a Mini Groodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a poodle (called a Goldendoodle in USA).  These were the mum and dad that were going to have puppies in April/ May, 2015. They are both 3/4  mini poodle, a 1/4 Golden Retiever. They are only about 10cm ( max) bigger than a miniature poodle. Both fluffy (a quality in a dog I love!), have great friendly natures, gorgeous ears and love a swim. These dogs are perfect for our family.

After that we went to Adventure Park ( which is in Wallington, not Geelong). My favourite ride was the Gold Rush Rapids, the blue water slide next to the yellow one, or the adult go karts. I got two shots of it since I wanted to go with dad. On the second turn I wouldn’t let dad overtake me until the last moment when another car ganged up with dad and over took me on the last lap!

So that was my busy week full of fun!

Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!


As you probably don’t know, I did a post on Lonnies Got Talent last year, but this is not a review or something for that post, but this post is also for Lonnie’s Got Talent.  But it’s not from last year, it’s from this year!!!

Lonnie’s Got Talent is a talent show our school puts on every year at about the start of November. Anyone who wants to go in the show can audition for a place in the show. Kids can also audition to be judges for the show. The people that got through as a judge were Lucy, Freya and Harry. 

I decided to do an act this time, but then I got put into another one!! My first act was a circus act. I did the hula hoop and a boy called Ash did a thing with some spin sticks. My next act was a dance to a clip of Youtube, a ‘Star Treking’ clip. Star Treking always made me happy! I loved doing both acts so much!! I don’t have a favourite, it’s to hard to choose!!!

My favourite act (Besides mine!) was Edumnd’s Violin recitial and Cody’s piano playing. They were both so awesome!!!!!

Thanks Mrs Murphy and Mrs Hill for oranising the show. It was great!!!!



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Lonnies Got Talent Auditions!


If you think I’m in Austalia’s Got Talent, you’re wrong( I wouldn’t be that good!!)  I’m auditioning for  Lonnie’s Got talent and you’ll soon find out why I’m doing it…

Lonnie’s Got talent is a talent show at our school. Kids at school can audition for the show and then the show is later in the year so kids can reherse.

This year I’m doing a hola hop dance to some music. I’m doing lot of different tricks, like hoola hooping on my leg, arm, belly, neck and heaps of other tricks.

In the auditions there are judges. This time it Mrs Murphy, Mrs Hill and some other students that auditioned and got through. Yes children auditioned to be judges!! How weird!

Good luck to everyone that doing it and hope you enjoy it!!


A Little Show…


A little show, what could that be? A play, perhaps. Of Peter Pan, perhapes. Well perhaps, you’re right.

 Well you were right in saying thaqt it was a play, and we did perform Peter Pan. I was a lost boy, called Harry, and I also had a twin, Terry. I had about 14 lines. The play was a little different to the movies.

The play started out with the stars being introduced. They were the narrators. Then the stars introduced Wendy, John, Micheal, Nanna and  The father and mother. Then Peter and Tinkerbell came in to get Peter’s shadow. After that Peter and Tink meet Wendy and her brothers. Finally, they fly to Neverland, the island that Peter lives on.   And that’s the first scene. The next scene they’re in Neverland and they meet lots of friends. First they meet the Indians. Then the Mermaids. In the mermaid scene they find out that The Pirates have captured Tiger Lily, The Indian Princess. So Peter goes to Maroona’s Rock, to free Tiger Lily. After that Peter is honnored because he’s now a chef, Great Chef Soaring Eagle. Then they have a fight and they decided that the Lost Boys are going to go home with Wendy and her brothers. But th Pirates have given Peter a present that’s actually a bomb! After that the lost boy have a little physical  fight with the pirates. When the Lost Boys have done the fight, Peter and Captain Hook have a big fight, and Peter comes on top! Finally, The Lost Boys go with Wendy and her brothers to their home where they live Happily Ever After. The End!! Pic from:

Thank You Hannah, Kimbo and Tessa for directing the show, warming our vocals up and giving us lollies along the way!!! 

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Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!!


This is Lonnie’s got Talent!!!!! A performance for all those kids who want to perform in front of the school! Yes, that’s right, this is Lonnies got talent.

Lonnies got talent is a show in front of the whole school. You can perform anything, as long as you audition first. There is all different types of performances,  but most people do dancing or singing. You can audition in the learning common.

There was about twenty awesome acts, and they all were great. There was singing and dancing, piano playing and bet boxing. These were all the acts: Leliani’s singing, Cody’s piano playing, Ashliey’s bet boxing,  Ryder’s mining, Rachel’s singing, Bethany, Ella and Tessie’s singing, Little and Big Gangnam style  and all the rest of the awesome acts. 

I liked all the acts, but I personally like Leilani’s singing, Little and big Gangnam style and Jack and Jai’s country  western song.  Leilani’s singing was beautifully sang, lovely dances in the background and was a great success! Little and big Gangnam style were beautifully choreographed, had great dances and made the audience laugh a few times!    And last but not least, Jack and Jai’s country western song. Although it was a frightning start for Jai, they both made it though very well! It was really cute!  😉 

Did You Perform?

What Was Your Favourite Act?

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