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7 Days of my Life.


I know I’ve done few posts on this, but my week keeps changing, over and over, and I can hardly keep up!!

Monday: On Monday I’ve got basketball. Our team’s going quite well this season, we’ve only lost one game. The game we lost was 13-23, which was this week!!  Our best player was away, but I still got two goals, so I’m happy.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I’ve got music lessons with my sister. She sings and I play the piano. Sometimes we do a duet together. I’m working on doing the piano to the song Crazy, by Gnarls Bakely.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I either go to my sisters  swimming lesson or chill out at home watching T.V. Pretty relaxing day.

Thursday: Thursday’s the early morning day. On Thursday I’ll start doing early morning swimming lessons with my friend Lucy. It goes from six ’til seven in the morning!! In the afternoon I have nothing at all, maybe a play or two.

Friday: Nothing. I will NEVER, NEVER in a MILLION years have ANYTHING on a Friday. Fridays my day to just sit and relax in front of the T.V. 

Saturday: Nothing at all. Maybe drive up to Melbourne for the weekend, or perhaps a family outing.

Sunday: Sunday I do this basketball drill session with Sabrina and some friends. The rest of the time I’m relaxing in front of the TV.


My Birthday!!





This week was the most exciting, fun and happy week EVER!! Because, you guessed it, my BIRTHDAY!!!

Here’s the presents I got: a Fiberglass surfboard, $35, a paint your own Matryoska dolls, clothes, 2 book vouchers, Smiggle voucher, Scrabble, an 1000 piece puzzle and MANY other fantastic things. Thank you ALL for the presents, I LOVED them ALL!!!!!!!!!

On the night of my birthday we went out to one of my favourite resturants for dinner. My best friend( Ella) came down to have dinner with my family and I. ( Ella lives AGES away so I only she her one the school holidays) It was so fun and the food was delicious. Ella stayed the night at my house to and came to the party with me.                                         


 On Saturday I had my party at the YMCA Gymnasimun in Geelong. We had  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. We got to go on a three little circuits, one around the bar, another one the floor and the other one was half bar and half floor. At the end we got to go into the foam pit!! we got to swing on a bar and them go flying into the pit. On the other half was just free time. Finally we had te party food and cake at the end. I loved it!!!!!!!

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Christmas is here!!!!!

Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them:

From Mum’s side:

The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a necklace and some clothes.

From Dad’s side:

$100,( I spent it on a pair of Vans and some stuff form Smiggle.The Guinness book of records 2014 ( book), a pair of scissors and some stuff I’ve forgot.(I like them though)

From Santa:

Jelly beans, book marks, The Alice-Miranda 2014 Diary, a soft turtle, a speaker and some things that I’ve forgot, again! ( But again I still like)

From Mum and Dad:

A new bike!!!!!!! 😀

Yes, I got a lot of stuff that I’m very grateful for. Thank you everyone who gave me something, I loved it!!!

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By Birthday Wish Came True!!!!!


Guess what!!! I just had my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s  a list of the stuff I got:

From B’day party:  Typo headphones, arty crafty stuff, $110!! ( $10 nanna, $50 Aunty, $50 other aunty),  CD’s and heaps of other stuff I forgot( But still like).

From mum and dad: A netball hoop, Swings for the tree( For everyone), netball and a  pennyboard.

Thanks to all the the people who got me something!



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My Birthday!!!!!!!!!


I’m so excited this month, because, it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I am really, REALLY excited since it’s the first time I’m going somewhere for my party, not just at home!!!! I don’t know where I’m going, so it’s a surprise!! I’m not telling you who I invited, because the other people will get upset.

I don’t know what I’m getting. I might get a Penny Board, football, a basketball hoop for the trampoline, a netball or a swing!!! I don’t know what my friends are getting me, all I know is that one is getting me a book.   Pic from

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My Invention…


You know when you make an invention and no one wants it? Well, now you can know MY INVENTION…

1. One of my inventions is a car that goes on land, underwater and in the air! There would be three seats in the front, one seat for air, land and water. It would be a double-decker car so if you go camping or on a long trip you can just sleep upstairs and have all your stuff down the bottom!

2. A book that when you open it, it let’s you go into the story, but you could choose if you wanted to or not. You can choose who you are, where you are, what you do, who you meet and what story your in!

3.A Super Power wand is a wand that gives you super powers! But, you can only use it three times each month. Theses are the super powers: Invisibility, Flying, Running fast, Elastic skin, Forcefield, Shape Shifting Time Controller!

What’s Your Top Three Inventions?

Do You Like Mine?









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Top Ten Things To Do When Your Bored???


You know when your really bored and you don’t know what to do? Well this post is all about what I would do if I’m bored!

1.Write a story. I find it fun and then you might even get an award for it because you did it at home! 

2. Play on a trampalan, in a cubbyhouse, climb a tree or  swim in a pool at home. You’ll get fit and it’s fun!

3. Go on tecnology like computer, T.V. They entertain you!

4.Go for a play at someone’s house. It’s exciting seeing someones house!

5.Play with your brother, sister or pet. They give you conpany when your by yourself and you came some how make them do what you want!

6. Go to the milkbar and get some lollies or choclates. They taste delicous!



7. Draw something. It let’s your imanation go wild!

8. Read a book. You’ll get relaxed!

9. Go for a walk to the beach. You can swim and surf

10. Do your homework. ( Well this one isn’t fun but if you can’t anything this is all you can get!)

But these are only mine! Yours could be what ever you like!

What one do you like?

What are your ten? 


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A Dream House??!!!!!


This post is about one of the things I think about throughout the day, in this case, a dream house!

Well, to start of with, this would be my dream house…

Bedroom:I would have a bunk-bed, except with a desk and HEAPS of paper, a hot tub and a fiftytwo plasma T.V screen!

Rooms: Tree Climbing room, Gaming room, Ball room, Pool room, Jungle room, Skiing room, Surfing room, Waterpark room and Library with a fire place and some beautiful chairs!

Outside: A huge trampoline, LOTS of balls, A flying fox, A big pool with a diving board and a waterside!

It would be a three-storey house and have an awesome tree house too!

What Would Your Dream House Have?

                                  How Many Storeys Would It Have?                                  





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All About Me!!!!!!!


Hi everyone it’s me again,

I know this should of been the first post, but I’ll pop it up now instead!This is probably the most inportant  post there is, the all about meee!

Well, to start of with I have two younger sisters, Sabrina and Tessa. Sabrina is seven and Tessa is four.I have one guinea pig, Jayzo and Sabrina has one too, Rusty.

I love the following, free computer games, My family, friends and pets,school, cats and Pizza.

I hate the following,Ice cream, milk, blueberrys and most chesse.

What do you like?

Do you Have Brothes Or Sisters?

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5 Things I Would Love!


Hi peops, it’s me again!

This post is about 5 things in the world I would love, anything in the entire world! These are my answers:

1.My own island with a quarter perfect snow, a quater perfect surf, a quarter jungle with vines and trees, one eighth the future and the other eighth lollieland and my really cool treehouse in the middle!                                             

2.A Time traval machine.

3.A Family, good friends and a Kitten as a pet.

4.A Million Lollies that were really yummy and healthy!

5.A Mac Book  Pro and a I Phone 5!

What would you have?



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