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7 Days of my Life.


I know I’ve done few posts on this, but my week keeps changing, over and over, and I can hardly keep up!!

Monday: On Monday I’ve got basketball. Our team’s going quite well this season, we’ve only lost one game. The game we lost was 13-23, which was this week!!  Our best player was away, but I still got two goals, so I’m happy.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I’ve got music lessons with my sister. She sings and I play the piano. Sometimes we do a duet together. I’m working on doing the piano to the song Crazy, by Gnarls Bakely.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I either go to my sisters  swimming lesson or chill out at home watching T.V. Pretty relaxing day.

Thursday: Thursday’s the early morning day. On Thursday I’ll start doing early morning swimming lessons with my friend Lucy. It goes from six ’til seven in the morning!! In the afternoon I have nothing at all, maybe a play or two.

Friday: Nothing. I will NEVER, NEVER in a MILLION years have ANYTHING on a Friday. Fridays my day to just sit and relax in front of the T.V. 

Saturday: Nothing at all. Maybe drive up to Melbourne for the weekend, or perhaps a family outing.

Sunday: Sunday I do this basketball drill session with Sabrina and some friends. The rest of the time I’m relaxing in front of the TV.


The Odd Ones In!


There’s always some little event or two that I miss, so here’s the events:

Event 1: I went in a swimming carnval about 2 weeks ago. I did 50m backstroke, butterfly and butterfly in the medley. I came 2nd in butterfly with a time of 50.94 sec,  and got into the regainals (I forgot my time for the others)!! I was the only one who got into the regainals in my school!!!

Event 2: The footy. I went to a pratcise match at Simonds Stadium. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos on a Friday night, with the lights! The score was North Melbourne: 9 goals, 13 behinds: 67 ( or 10 goals 7 behinds) and North Melbourne: 11 goals, 10 behinds: 76. The underdogs won! The footy season has started with the opening game Collingwood vs Freamantle. Freamantle thrashed Collingwood by something like 70pts!

Event 3: The long weekend. On the long weekend I got to see Ella, my best friend. She moved to a place ages away so I only see her on the holidays. We went to the beach and played with her ‘Rainbow Loon’  kit. It was so much fun.

Event 4: Melbourne. We went to Melbourne for a few nights and stayed at our nanna’s house.  We went to Imax ( the world’s 3rd largest screen!!!) to see ‘Flight of the Butterflies’. It was really good.  It’s about a man who is on a mission to discover the migating paths of the Monarch Butterfly. He finds a family and discovers an organisation to help. Finally, after 50 or so years, he gets it!

So there you go, all the little events that are the odd ones out!

A Week in the Life of Josie…


I know I did a post on this last year, but I had nothing else to write about…

Monday: School: Sport. At the momment in sport we are doing soccor. Home: Nothing. But when the season of basketball starts I’ll start playing that. But at the momment  just relax.

Tuesday: School: Music. We started doing music this year and the grade 5\6′ will be able to play the ukulele at the end of the year. Home: Music lessons! To music lessons on one day! At the momment I’m playing to song ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson on the piano and Sabrina ( my little sister) is singing to it.

Wednesday: School: Nothing special. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Thursday: School: C&C. It’s a new subject, but I forgot what it stands for! It’s art and spanish in one! Home: Nothing, just relaxing.

Friday: School: Spelling. Normally we do spellig but we haven’t started it yet. Assembly. We have school assembly every Friday. Home: Nothing. Normally I just relax infront of the T.V!!

Saturday: Home: Surfing. At the momment I do surfing lessons. Nothing else. Just go somewhere nice.

Sunday: Home: Nothing. Just go somewhere fun! 

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Enjoy the Little Things.


Enjoy the little things, that’s what I always say. And there was so many little things fun things that I couldn’t choose what to write about. So here’s a little list of the little fun things that I enjoyed:

Favourite Trip: My favourite trip would have to be when I went to the Kardinia Pool with my family. We went on the waterslide 3x, only because it was closing down for the day. Then I went on the 3 metre diving board. ( but I didn’t dive!!!!) The main reason we went to Kardinia was because I am doing a swimming carnival and I needed to pass the times for it. I’m put down ( in order) butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. I’m not going to tell you the times, it’s a secret!!!!!!

Favourite breaky: My favourite food was when I went to Café Amore, a new restaurant on the main road. We went there for breaky.I had two delicious mixed berry pancakes with sugar on the side. It was delicious!!!!!!!

Favourite activity: My favourite activity was when I went surfing on a fibreglass board for the first time!!! It was beautiful weather and I loved it!!!!

Favourite dinner:My favourite dinner was when we went out for dinner at Sushi 8, a Japanese restaurant in the centre of Geelong. It is a great Japanese restaurant, with lots of different things to choose from. I had some calamari, noodle soup and a chicken on a skewer.

Favourite TV show: My favourite TV show would have to be the start of the Winter Olympics, held in Sochi. Although I didn’t see the Opening Ceremony, I still got to see the first day of it, the final of the first Snowboarding Slope Style event. It was very interesting and exciting, since I love snow myself.

So that that little things for last week, but there are plenty more to come…




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One normal week…


As you see, this post is about a week, a normal week. I couldn’t think of anything long enough to do a post about, so this is a typical week in the life of Josie…

Monday: School: Sport and Spanish. We’re doing Hot shots in sport and stories in Spanish. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Tuesday: School: Nothing. Just Maths, Writing, Reading and/or Intergraded Studies. Home: Hannah’s Theatre Group. Hannah’s Theatre Group is a drama group. This year we’re doing a show called Get Pumped!

Wednesday: School: Nothing. Again. Just the normal. Home: Nothing. Just chilling out all afternoon.

Thursday: School: Art (Every second week) and Library. In Art we did a drawing of some gnomes for a competition called ‘Better Gnomes and Gardens.’ In Library we just borrow books. Home: Nothing. Again. Chilling out is sooo fun!!

Friday: School: Spelling and Clubs. For Spelling do work in our special Spelling books. In Clubs we have a special club for the term which we vote for at the start of term. This term we’re not doing Clubs because we’ve got House Plays. Home: Piano Lessons. At the moment I’m learning a song called Around the Totem Pole and At the Skating Ring.

So that’s my week.  Pretty busy, isn’t it?!


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A HUGE week!!


As you can see, this post is about a HUGE week I had. When I say HUGE in capital . letters I mean HUGE!! Because if I said huge in lowercase, it looks not HUGE! Get it?

The first thing in my HUGE week was that one of my mum’s friends, Jen, come down to our house with her kids, Edward and Eloise. Edward just turned 7 and Eloise is 4. We had a great time together. On one day we went down to the dunes of the back beach. We had a great time!!

Next Ella and Issy came to our house. They’re our best friends who moved to a town about five hours away. We had a sleepover at my house. We ate some of my lolly stash and did a magic show. After that I went to her house and had a sleepover there. We went down sand dunes with our bogy boards!!

Finally, I went to my friend Lucy’s party. It was at a swimming pool. It had two waterslides. A black one and a blue one. The black one had lots of turns and it was very fast. The blue one had a HUGE drop at the start and then you go around in a circle for a bit then you go out!!! The blue one is more scary ( and I think it’s more fun!!)

Lastly, we watched the first quarter of the Grand Final in AFL and then we drove up to Melbourne to stay at our Nana’s house!

Pic from:           The Hawks won!!!

Then on Monday we’re going to Berley Heads with our other Nana!!
It was surely a HUGE week!!

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Top Ten Things To Do When Your Bored???


You know when your really bored and you don’t know what to do? Well this post is all about what I would do if I’m bored!

1.Write a story. I find it fun and then you might even get an award for it because you did it at home! 

2. Play on a trampalan, in a cubbyhouse, climb a tree or  swim in a pool at home. You’ll get fit and it’s fun!

3. Go on tecnology like computer, T.V. They entertain you!

4.Go for a play at someone’s house. It’s exciting seeing someones house!

5.Play with your brother, sister or pet. They give you conpany when your by yourself and you came some how make them do what you want!

6. Go to the milkbar and get some lollies or choclates. They taste delicous!



7. Draw something. It let’s your imanation go wild!

8. Read a book. You’ll get relaxed!

9. Go for a walk to the beach. You can swim and surf

10. Do your homework. ( Well this one isn’t fun but if you can’t anything this is all you can get!)

But these are only mine! Yours could be what ever you like!

What one do you like?

What are your ten? 


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