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Christmas is here!!!!!

Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them:

From Mum’s side:

The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a necklace and some clothes.

From Dad’s side:

$100,( I spent it on a pair of Vans and some stuff form Smiggle.The Guinness book of records 2014 ( book), a pair of scissors and some stuff I’ve forgot.(I like them though)

From Santa:

Jelly beans, book marks, The Alice-Miranda 2014 Diary, a soft turtle, a speaker and some things that I’ve forgot, again! ( But again I still like)

From Mum and Dad:

A new bike!!!!!!! 😀

Yes, I got a lot of stuff that I’m very grateful for. Thank you everyone who gave me something, I loved it!!!

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One Fun Holiday!!!


I had one fun holiday at Burleigh Heads, check it out!!!!

First thing first. We got to our awesome hotel. It had a two pools, mini golf and a barbque!! We had a quick swim and then we went out for dinner at the local SLSC ( Surf life saving club). We had pizza and a rarsberrry lemonade.

The next day we went to a place called Currimbin Wildlife sanctuary.We saw helps of shows, The magic show, the bird show, the sheep shering show, the crocadile show and the abariganil dance show!!We wanted to see the lorikeet show but it was better time in the morning. My favourite was the bird show.

On Wenesday we went straight to the lorikeets, at the sanctuary. We were lucky enough to get some birds on our plate. After that we just chilled out for the rest of the day. We went in the pool and meet three friends, Noah, Page and Skye. We did the mini golf. I got a total of: 55 and Sabrina got a total of 60. We went out for dinner again, at a place called Romarna’s. We also had pizza and a rassberry lemonade. Yum!!

Thursday was the best day, because we got to go to Movie World!! It was so fun!!First we saw a little version of ice age 3, in 4D!! When snot came out of Sind’s nose water sprayed out of the chairs in front of us. Next we went to the Kid’s WB section and went on the dogem cars. After that we went on a fun rollercoaster FIVE TIMES!! It wasn’t really scary though! Finnaly I went on a pretty scary ride called the Wild West Falls. You go on a little boat and the water pushes you up the little water fall. You go around the moutain and at the end you go down a huge waterfall( Well it isn’t a waterfall that would be dangerous) !!! Lastly we got an ice-cream and waited for the parade of all the villans and heros!!

The Wild West Falls!!!!


Both pics  from:

Finnaly it was Friday so we had our last swim and drove to the airport.

It was a great holiday!!!

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A HUGE week!!


As you can see, this post is about a HUGE week I had. When I say HUGE in capital . letters I mean HUGE!! Because if I said huge in lowercase, it looks not HUGE! Get it?

The first thing in my HUGE week was that one of my mum’s friends, Jen, come down to our house with her kids, Edward and Eloise. Edward just turned 7 and Eloise is 4. We had a great time together. On one day we went down to the dunes of the back beach. We had a great time!!

Next Ella and Issy came to our house. They’re our best friends who moved to a town about five hours away. We had a sleepover at my house. We ate some of my lolly stash and did a magic show. After that I went to her house and had a sleepover there. We went down sand dunes with our bogy boards!!

Finally, I went to my friend Lucy’s party. It was at a swimming pool. It had two waterslides. A black one and a blue one. The black one had lots of turns and it was very fast. The blue one had a HUGE drop at the start and then you go around in a circle for a bit then you go out!!! The blue one is more scary ( and I think it’s more fun!!)

Lastly, we watched the first quarter of the Grand Final in AFL and then we drove up to Melbourne to stay at our Nana’s house!

Pic from:           The Hawks won!!!

Then on Monday we’re going to Berley Heads with our other Nana!!
It was surely a HUGE week!!

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Falls Creek


I love skiing, even though I only do it once or twice a year. This year it’s Falls Creek, and I really excited!!!

First I’ll tell you about my history in skiing…

I started skiing when I was about 6yrs old. I started at Mt Buller. My mum and my dad both ski, and dad LOVES Mt Buller. So thats where I started. On the first day, when dad hired my ski boots, he hired two left boots instead of a left and right! So I was skiing with my two left boots for the whole day  until the next day the guy at lift told dad!! So I always tell dad to look at the boots!

Anyway, This time it was so fun! We stayed at a two bedroom unit, not a two room apartment. It was next to my friend Lucy’s apartment so I went over to her place once. It was so fun. We went down this little slide next to her apartment and I went head first, like superman!

It was one of the best family hoildays at the snow ever!!

Here’s a map of Falls Creek:



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Port Douglas, Again!!!!!


Guess where we went on the holidays, Port Douglas, again!!!

Port Douglas is loacated in Nouthen Queensland, about an hour from Cairns. It is a beautiful  place. It has a really nice beach and lots of shops. It’s always sunny and has lots of nice places to stay. It’s not a surfing town though, so don’t bring your surfboard. It also has two nice ice-cream shops, but I prefer Shackes Gelati Bar, because I don’t like ice-cream. pic from:

We went on a crocadile tour down the Port Douglas river. It was really fun. It took about an hour and 45mins. We saw two crocodles a were really REALLY lucky to see an eagle swooping for an archfish!!!

Next we went to the Mossman Gorge Rainforest, the oldest Rainforest in the world!!! We saw lots of different trees, some big, some small. My favourite was a really big tree that you could go inside. The roots are really big and the tree stretches out like a little house you could live in. We also went in the river for a bit. None of us put our heads under the water though! It was to cold!! The air was so fresh, I loved it!

We went out for dinner nearly every day!! My favourite places are 2 Fish, The Port Douglas Surf  Life Saving Club and Beaches Cafè( We didn’t have dinner there but it had really nice breaky and snacks). pic from:



The rest of the time we were either swimming, reading, watching T.V or going to the toilet( and all the daily things you do eg. breathing, eating)

Over all It was the best family hoilday ever!!


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Up To Euora and Beechworth!


This post, as you probably know, is a post on my holidays. I know I’ve done a lot of posts on holidays, but they’re so interesting, most of the time.

Anyway, on the holidays my family went to Beechworth and Euroa. They are an hour apart from each other. Euora is a little town just off the Hume Highway. We stayed at a farm stay near it. It was beautiful! We had a lovely breakfast, I had egg and soldiers. We had a few rides in the ute and three wheel motor bike. But my favourite thing we did would have to be the walk to a nearby creek. We walked into a paddock full of cows. I must admit I’ve never in my life would have thought that cows can be really, REALLY noisy! There was one cow that kept coming a bit closer to us than the others. It was definitely the loudest!! When we got to the creek we were amazed at what we saw. A pretty big waterfall stood in front  of our eyes. It wasn’t a normal waterfall that just went down, it was one that had bumps in between so you could climb up the rocks to the top of the waterfall! It was an awesome stay!!!

Now Beechworth. Well Beechworth is a little town, a bit bigger than Euora, off the Hume Highway. It is one of though’s towns that still looks like its in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. So it looked a little like Sovereign Hill. My favourite shop was the ice-cream shop and the lolly shop. All the shops were in the one street, like a long hall full of shops! We went to the beechworth gaol were Ned Kelly was kept. It was sooooooooooooo creepy! There is a room that had something disgusting on the carpet!! There was even a swimming pool you could swim in if you were good! It was only cleaned once a week! imagine swimming in a pool that probably hadn’t been cleaned for a week! Nasty! We also went on a little walk along a nature walk. We didn’t go all the way, it was to far! We had alot of fun!

So now you can see that I had a brilliant holiday! Thanks to all the people who hosted us, we all loved it!! 

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Back To School!!


You know how we had holidays for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS or something, well, it’s over!!!!!!!!

This is our first week at school and we’ve gotten of to a good start. I’m in grade four, with the grade three’s to look after me.( Or is it the other way around!) My teacher is Mrs V. She is a lovely teacher and I had her for half of prep. I’ve got alot of friends, but a bit disappointed that my friend, Lucy( From Jump, sit, stay @ Lucy’s Blog.) is not in my class. If your wondering, what’s Mrs Murphy doing. Well she’s going to be in all the 3\6  class rooms. She’ll still be on her class blog.

Now that I’ve told you about school so far, so here’s some high-lights from the holidays. I the first highlight is going to Luna Park in Melbourne. I went on the Scenic Railway! The Scenic Railway is a roller coaster that goes around all of Luna park. It’s almost a Kilometre long  and the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!! In other words, oldest running roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated it and loved it and petrified of it and had fun all at the same time! That’s alot of feelings! The Second was going to Melbourne then Sale then Melbourne then home. Here’s how we went: First my sisters and I went to Melbourne with our nanna to her house for three days. We played in lots of parks and had so much fun. Then we went to Sale with mum. Sale is a town near a few other towns such as Heyfield and Traralgon. In other words, in the middle of nowhere. You just drive on the Princess Hwy untill you get to Sale. We went to Sale because of my best friend, Ella, that moved to Sale in 2010. We had a lovely time. We also vistited there school and a park near. Then we went to my other Nanna for about three hours then home.

New Years Eve…


As we arrive at the back beach at about five PM everyone starts to talk. Yes this is New Years Eve, at the back beach. Everyone is here, let’s get it started!

We have guests, a family of them. From over-seas! They’re our family friends, Tim, Katie, Lucy and Leo, aka The Clairsos. We only see them at least once a year, so this is exciting! Tim and Katie are the parents, Lucy the eldest and Leo the youngest.

 Pic from:


When everyone got together, my sisters, Sabrina and Tessa with Lucy went and explored the rock pools, as it was low tide. The rock pools are a perfect place to explore. While they did that, I sat down, accidentally ate a few raspberries that were for desert and started to listen and talk a bit with the adults. Some was interesting, but some a little boring! Then we played a game of beach cricket. I was a fielder most of the time, but I was also a bowler and batter once. Although I was pretty good and bowling, I was terrible at batting! Then we had  something little to eat.Finally we all jumped off some sandy dune hills and to almost finish the day, we tried to scare the adults, but we din’t scare them as much as we planed! To finish it all up we all went in the rock pools one more time. By the time we got back it was almost time for the sun to set!

Where Were You On New Years Eve?

Do You Like The Rock Pools At Back Beach?

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A Theme Park Marathon


Yes, it is the holidays, and I love it and everything, but this is a fun thing, and really fun thing!

This really fun thing is a visit to Adventure Park. Adventure Park is a fun, watery, all ages family theme park. I has a heap of water slides, delicious food and even mini golf!!! It also has a new ride, the Wave Swinger. You go in a single or double set. Then you put a few buckles on and you will start to go up and up and start to swing a bit, and you keep swinging and swinging and swinging until it stops! I went on the Aqua Racer at least ten times!!!!! The Aqua Racer is a big, BIG blue slide that has five bump on it. The first bump is only little, but the last is much, much bigger!!!! You have these long blue mats that have a twirl at the end, and you carry them up to the top of the slide. Then you get on the mats on the slide, until you see a green light on these mini traffic lights. 

Now, you thought this post was over, right. WRONG! I also went to Luna park in Melbourne a week later! I only went on few rides there, but I still enjoyed alot. My favourite ride would have to be Scenic Railway. The Scenic Railway is a almost one kilometre roller coaster that goes around the outside of Luna park, so there’s a great view. But when your on the Scenic Railway, you’re not looking at the beautiful view that much, all you’re really worried about is the very first huge bump. Unlike the Aqua racer, the first and second bump are the biggest, so you get a heap of butterflies in your tummy, but you don’t feel like you need to vomit.( Unless you had million hot chips and donuts before!)There is a bit in on the Scenic Railway that’s in a metal tunnel , and it has a huge bump in it, so you’re going down a huge bump in darkness! There was other sides I went on, some because of my little sister, she’s only four. Like the Dumbo The Elephant ride( I forgot the name) and The Carousel. I also went on the Ghost Train, which my little sister could go on. It was really, REALLY scary, although I didn’t scream Over all I had the best two Saturdays in a row ever!!


Do You Like The Theme Parks?

  Have You Been To Adventure Park And Luna Park?


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It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess what this post is about, Christmas! And that means, presents, family, friends and Santa, well it’s really St Nicholas. It means Turkey, ham, lollies, surprises and complete FUN!

Christmas is a time of joy, fun, happiness and generosity.  Everyone on love it, well,  I think.  It is a time kids love to receive, eat, play, give and enjoy. In Australia it  is a time of hotness and sun, but in America, it’s a time of coldness and snow!

Santa, or St Nichoals, is a great person, who have given presents to children all over the world on  the night of december the twenty-fourth when children are sleeping at night. Most children have a sack, were Santa puts all the presents for you.  In the morning of December the twenty-fifth, each child goes to their sacks, or what ever they use for it. Then they open the bag, and see what’s inside. You can leave Santa some food, these are some a my family favourites: Beer and homemade brownies, and for the reindeer: A carrot and a bowl of water.


For Christmas I would love, books, balls,  lollies, money, and a basketball hoop.   

What Do You want for Christmas?

What Food Do You Give Santa and the Reindeer?

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