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A Very Extraordinary Week…


Normally a weekend in late autumn is mostly spent in front of the TV, or going up to Melbourne. This weekend was the extact opposite of the normal things that I do on a weekend, so I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

On Friday night Dad, Sabrina ( my little sister) and I went to an AFL ( Australian Football League, yes, I’m Australian) match at Simonds Stadium, Geelong. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbounre Kangaroos. Since we live near Geelong, nearly very one I know ( who follows AFL) goes for Cats. My dads a big Kangas ( short for  Kangaroos) supporter so it’s always be competition. And to top it off, Chris Scott, the Cats coach and Brad Scott, the Kangaroos coach, are identical twins!! Cats were fourth and Kangas were seventh on the ladder. We ended up losing ( not surprising ): ),  16.15.111- 13.13.91. Here are the quater time scores: Q1: 5.5.35 – 2.2.14. Q2: 10.9.69 – 5.4.34. Q3: 13.14.92 – 9.8.69. Q4: 16. 15. 111 – 13.13.91.  I think Tom Hawkins or Jimmy Bartel played best for Geelong and Jack Ziebell or Levi Greenwood played best on North.  It was a fantastic game and I loved it!!

On Saturday night I had a very late night too. I went to my friend Isabella’s birthday party. We played hide and seek and jumped on her trampoline. We had homemade pizza for dinner. Isabella’s mum made the delicious dough and her dad baked it to perfection in their pizza oven.  We had a few glasses of soft drink, and that was only dinner!! Isabella’s mum layed out mini wine glasses filled with lollies and freckles!! On top of our serviete was a HUGE white chocolate lip. It was like having an entree, but for dessert! But that’s nothing compared to dessert! For dessert we had a HUGE piece of chocolate lasanga. Chocolate lasanga is layers of chocolate with cream in the middle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! After dinner we watched the movie Frozen and then played Truth or Dare until 11.00pm. We woke up at 6.00am in the morning and put a movie on until our parents came and picked us up. It was an amazing party and thank you for inviting me to it, Isabella!!

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Friv  is my favourite gaming website, and it’s FREE!

My favourite game is a game called Star Island.This are the games I play the most: Star Island, Pink spot, Monkey Fu, Sami’s Pet Care, Mushroomer, Super Mario Flash, Star Scramble, My New Room and FireBoy and Watergirl 2.These are the Girl games: My New Room and Sami’s Pet Care.These are the boy games:Super Mario Flash and Star Scramble. Everything else is in between!

If you want to play on it, thats awesome! This is the wesite: Unfortunately it is blocked at school so don’t go on it there!:(

Do You Play Computer Games?

What’s Your Favourite Gaming Website?


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