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A Year full of Fun!


After a great year of learning, playing, writing and just having fun, everyone is dying for a break.  Here’s highlights from the year:

School Swimming Carnival, March: Every March there is an annual school swimming carnival for all the schools in the district to enter. It’s only for primary school students aged from grade 3-6 and is held at  the Kardinia  swimming pool, outside Simonds Stadium ( The Geelong Cats home ground). Since I was in grade 3, I have entered in the competition in butterfly and backstroke. I got to the regionals ( the next stage of swimming) in butterfly in grade 3 and also this year, grade 5.  I was extremely proud of myself since I bet my practise time by 10 seconds!! It was a great experience.

Port Douglas, July-August: For three years now, we’ve been going to Port Douglas, a town about an hour north of Cairns. I just absolutely love it. It has got a beautiful clean, warm beach, one of the best main streets full of delicious food, the best gelato shop ever, and even a shop called Josephine’s!! ( My real name, if you’re wondering) We had endless times full of just swimming in the beach, splashing in the pool, eating at delicious restaurants, and of course, a lot of slurping up the delicious gelato in the sun. The overall best time in Port Douglas of course, was Jungle Surfing through the Daintree Rainforest at Cape Tribulation. It was an amazing experience, but I have to rap things up so if you want more in jungle surfing click here:

Falls Creek, August-September: Since I was about six years old I started skiing at Falls Creek. This year was one of the best years at the snow. The season apparently the bets snow season for 20 years, with the snow peaking up at 170cm. ( Yes around the world that’s nothing, but Australian snow isn’t the best so that’s like heaven!!) I enjoyed it much more since I was in the level I needed to be in , because I was put in the level with my sister that I was to good for ( I don’t mean to sound fantastic, it was only level 4) .  I made friends and on a terrible afternoon, when my sister and I were the only ones, our teacher teamed up with another instructor and we got hot cinnamon donuts. Delicious!!!  

AFL Knockout round, Mid September: As you probably know, I’m a big fan of the North Melbourne Kangaroos. So this year Dad brought Sabrina and I up to a finals round that North was playing. They were up against Essendon, possibly their biggest rivals. At half quarter time we were neck and neck. By half time we were 30 points down. A disaster. Three quarter time was a miracle. New recruit Ben Brown ( who we called Ben Orange after his hair.) kicked 3 goals in 11 minutes with a few goals from Boomer Harvey and Lindsay Thomas. The last quarter was intence, to say the least. We were neck and neck until, suddenly, Drew Petrie came out from behind and kicked the 2 last goal. We had won!!! More on the Kangas final season, read:

Burley Heads, September: Every year our Nanna brings up 2 grand kids up to Burley Heads for a week. I was so lucky to have gone twice in a row, once with Sabrina ( 2013) but last year I went with my cousin Archie! We had a great time. Archie and I went to WB Movie World in the Gold Coast!  My favourite ride was the Wild West Canyon! It was amazing!! We spent all our time at the hotel either playing Uno, having fun in the games room, or swimming in the pool! It was an amazing holiday!!

Hobart ,October: This year I was lucky enough to go to go to Hobart with Mum for a weekend. It was so fun! My favourite thing was going to MONA. It was amazing! There was everything awesome, from a blown up red Porsche, to an exhibition showing the making of poo!! MONA was fantastic. For the full coverage of Tassie read:

So that my year’s best moments, so Thank You to everyone who supported me throughout the year, it was awesome!!





If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done a post in ages, well it was because I was on holidays!! Here’s what I did…

Finally we got there. Ella’s house!! It took 5 boring hours in the car. Ella lives on a farm. She  has a BIG tree with a flying fox! It was awesome. My favourite moment would have to be swimming in the dam. Ella’s dad eel farmer and he puts the sick eels in the dam we were swimming in!! Egh!!! We only found out after we got out!!!! It was so fun!!  And thank you  Ella so much for having us!!!

Grand Final day. The whole of Australia is on the edge of their seats. We went out and had our annual Grand Final breakfast, inspired by the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast. Finally, it arrived. We switched on our TV and watched the whole game. Normally we would’ve been on the edge of our seats. We weren’t. I must admit it was a terrible game. The score: 11.8.74 – 21.11.137. To Hawks. The underdogs thrashed.

Monday morning= early morning. Dad and I woke up early and drove to Melbourne Airport. We meet up with my cousin, Archie, who I was going to go to Gold Coast with. Archie and I got onto the plane, said goodbye to our parents, and off we went. We finally reached the Gold Coast!! Nanna was waiting at the airport and drove us to the hotel. My favourite moment was when we went to Movie World! My favourite ride would’ve been the Wild West Falls, even though I got drenched!!!! It was a great holiday and Thank You Nanna for taking us, I had a great time!!

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Go Kangas!!!!


In Australia we have our own special sport. It’s called AFL, Australian Football League. I don’t know one single Australian who doesn’t follow it.

This year the team I follow, the North Melbourne Kangaroos, or Kangas for short, made the top 8 and got into the finals. They playedkangas Essendon. I was at the stadium watching. Dad took Sabrina and I to watch. It was a great match. The first quater we were neck and neck. The Bombers were ahead by one point. It was 2.3, 15 to 2.4, 16. Then at half time, the Bomber rode ahead and kicked 4.3 to our one lonely behind. The scores read 2.4, 16 to 6.7, 43. Then in the thrid quarter, we fought back. Ben Brown, who had only played 8 games,in the dieing stages of the stages of the game, kicked 3 goals in 11 minutes. By three-quarter-time, the scores were 9.5, 59, to 10.8, 68. Then in the final quarter, the fight was on. Brown kicked another goal and Petrie kicked two life-saving goals in 5 minutes. The siren rings. The roos have won.

The next week the Kangas played the Geelong Cats on a Friday night. It was a exciting game and their was big rivalry as the couches are twin brothers! Anyway, we watched it on the TV. The first quarter we were ahead by 2 goals, it was 5.1, 31 to 7.1, 43. Then we stormed ahead in the second quarter and kicked 2.5 to their 5 behinds. The scores now said 5.6, 36 to 9.6,60. Then in the thrid quarter, the cats started scoring. They scored 8.9, 59, to our 12.9, 81. The last quarter was were the action started happening. Hawkins kicked goal after goal and by the last 10 mins the cats were only one goal behind us. Everyone was on the edge of there sets. Finally, the siren rang. Kangas won!! They are going to the preliminary final!!

kangas team

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A Very Extraordinary Week…


Normally a weekend in late autumn is mostly spent in front of the TV, or going up to Melbourne. This weekend was the extact opposite of the normal things that I do on a weekend, so I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

On Friday night Dad, Sabrina ( my little sister) and I went to an AFL ( Australian Football League, yes, I’m Australian) match at Simonds Stadium, Geelong. It was Geelong Cats vs North Melbounre Kangaroos. Since we live near Geelong, nearly very one I know ( who follows AFL) goes for Cats. My dads a big Kangas ( short for  Kangaroos) supporter so it’s always be competition. And to top it off, Chris Scott, the Cats coach and Brad Scott, the Kangaroos coach, are identical twins!! Cats were fourth and Kangas were seventh on the ladder. We ended up losing ( not surprising ): ),  16.15.111- 13.13.91. Here are the quater time scores: Q1: 5.5.35 – 2.2.14. Q2: 10.9.69 – 5.4.34. Q3: 13.14.92 – 9.8.69. Q4: 16. 15. 111 – 13.13.91.  I think Tom Hawkins or Jimmy Bartel played best for Geelong and Jack Ziebell or Levi Greenwood played best on North.  It was a fantastic game and I loved it!!

On Saturday night I had a very late night too. I went to my friend Isabella’s birthday party. We played hide and seek and jumped on her trampoline. We had homemade pizza for dinner. Isabella’s mum made the delicious dough and her dad baked it to perfection in their pizza oven.  We had a few glasses of soft drink, and that was only dinner!! Isabella’s mum layed out mini wine glasses filled with lollies and freckles!! On top of our serviete was a HUGE white chocolate lip. It was like having an entree, but for dessert! But that’s nothing compared to dessert! For dessert we had a HUGE piece of chocolate lasanga. Chocolate lasanga is layers of chocolate with cream in the middle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! After dinner we watched the movie Frozen and then played Truth or Dare until 11.00pm. We woke up at 6.00am in the morning and put a movie on until our parents came and picked us up. It was an amazing party and thank you for inviting me to it, Isabella!!

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Go Kangas!! ( for next year anyway)


If you not from Austalia, or don’t follow the footy, you’ll have no idea what I just said. Well I said it, and if you read this you’ll know why…

The North Melbourne Kangaroos, or Kangas, are a team in the AFL, Austalian Football League. The didn’t quite make it to the finals, but they still are the top team who didn’t get through to the finals. ( besides Essendon, but they had drugs)

I barack for them because Dad lived near North Melbourne when he was a kid. ( Not because I copyed Isaac!)

So go Kangas, for next year anyway!


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