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Edublog Award Nomination


This year I an norinated for the Edublog Awards. I NEED your HELP!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. You can vote here by:1:Find my blog in the list and pressing the up arrow in the left hand corner.2: Sign into either Facebook, Twitter, Goggle or Linkn to vote.*3: You have now voted. PS: You can only vote ONCE in the WHOLE competion!! D: *: If you don’t have an acount on any of these, you can’t vote! D:Oh, and if you want to vote for me ( Children of P.L.P.S), we will vote on THURSDAY. I know I’ve said this, but I’ll just say it again, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best Student Blogs 2013 – Edublog Awards

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Edublog Nominations.


Once again, I’ve been nominated for the Edublog¬†Awards nominations for best student blog!! ūüėÄ Last year I came second in that category so PLEASE vote for me. I’m under the¬†best student blog category. The name is called MEAOW @ Josie’s Blog. Here’s the link:

And The Winners Of The Edublog Awards Are…


Have you been wondering about the edublog awards, and who on earth won? Well, now we know. The edublog awards have been closed, so no more voting. But, instead, we get to see who on earth won.

Well, I know who won, and it’s soooooo exciting. Here’s¬† the winners in the student blog category…

The winners of the Best student edublog 2012….1,897(  Data from:

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog (267 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up: MEAOW @ Josie‚Äôs Blog (190 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up: Hanna B. gradstudentSLP (165 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up: SLP_Echo (128 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up: GBM Corner (127 votes)

Yes, that right.¬†I came ¬†second!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I never, ever thought I would have goon so far! Unfortunately, the class blog didn’y get though to the top four, these¬†bloggs did:

 The winner of the Best Class Edublog 2012….2,924 votes

‚ÄďWinner:¬†Mrs. Yollis‚Äô Classroom Blog¬†(317 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up:¬†Fabulous 5S¬†(217 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up:¬†4KM And 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School¬†(207 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up:¬†3/4C & 3/4K @ UPPS¬†(205 votes)
‚ÄďRunner Up:¬†¬†3/4C @ The Junction¬†(186 votes)

They did a great job though, I think they came sixth, seventh or eighth in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope they do very well next year and have a grat time blogging anyway! If you want to see the awesome blog go to this website:

I would love to give a HUGE thank you to all the people who voted for me. Every vote counts! ūüėÄ

Edublog Nomantions…


I’m so excited, do you know why? Because I got nominated by the 3\4’s for the edublog awards!!!!!!!!!!


Well, to start off with the edublog nominations are these nominations for bloggers .¬† If you get the most votes in one category, you win a prize, the mystery prize! Here’s my votes:


Best Student Blog: 

Robbie’s Radical Blog.

9 year old Robbie has¬†had his own blog for about 2 month now. He is extremely passionate ¬†¬†about blogging. Although when he first got a blog and then went to Bali, and wasn’t really on it and the background didn’t work that ¬†much, but when he got back he changed the background, and popped about 5 million more postes in about 2 weeks! ūüėČ Here’s the website if you want to go and see:

Best Class Blog:

4KM and 4KJ

4KM and 4KJ’s class blog in¬†Leopold, Vic, Australia is always up t date, has great postes and if you comment they will most likely to reply to you! There clustrmap( map of visitors in the world) is growing bigger and bigger! At the moment there are 29, 729 visitors from all of the¬† world! If you what to vistit this awesome blog, here’s the website:

Most Influential Blog Post:

Mrs Yollis’s Mystery Skype.

Mrs Yollis and Mrs Tolisano’s mystery skype was a great idea, so great that other blogs did one with other classes from all over the world. Our class blog did¬†two¬† earlier in the year. It was so much fun and I’m sure that it will be a¬†very popular thing to do in blogging¬†in many years to come. If you want to see there skype here’s the¬†website:¬†¬†

My blog got voted in the ‘Best Student Blog’ category. There are much more categories, but there to boring! If you want to see the 3\4’s votes got to this website:¬†And Please vote for my blog or the class one, please! Here’s the website to vote for¬†¬†¬†¬† and¬†press ¬†‘vote here’¬†in the top right hand side. Go down to student blog. Then, go down till you find the title ‘MEAOW @ Josie’s blog’. Press the circle in front of it. Then go down till you see the ‘Vote! bottom After that you can: vote in a different category,¬† wait until tomorow and vote again, or vote on a different computer or device.

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