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Face To Face


Ever wondered what happened to Jacqueline Harvey? Well, one of the things she did was going around victoria to schools and book shops. And she went to one near me!!! And I saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was amazing! Jacqueline Harvey told us all about how to be a good author, about what she does when she writes, tells us about Alice-Miranda and Clementine-Rose and answers some questions from the visitors.

My Favourite bit was when she was sign all my books and I told her that she comment on my blog( If you want to see it go to the post Alice-Miranda At Sea and look at the comments) so I got a photo with her and it’s on her blog under ‘A wonderful week meeting friends in Melbourne and Geelong’! Here’s her website:

Thankyou for coming Jacqueline Harvey.

                                                  I Loved meeting you                                        

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Boss Of The Pool…



This is the Boss Of The Pool. Me. No. Boss of the Pool is book the 3\4’s Are Reading at the moment.

Boss of the Pool is a book about a girl called Shelly, a mean, selfish, jealous girl and her ‘friend’, Ben. Ben is a nice boy, about fifteen or sixteen, who loves Shelly. Even though Shelly is really mean to him, and Shelly doesn’t like him, Ben still loves Shelly. Shelly’s mum, Anne, works at Hostel. Shelly wants to stay at home by herself, since it’s the holidays. She can either go to her boring next-door-neighbor’s house, Mrs Murray or go to the Hostel with her mum. She decides to go to the Hostel, meeting Ben. There happens to be a pool there, so Shelly decides to go to it. One reason is so she not really bored in the car, the other reason is because Ben doesn’t like the water at all. So Shelly can get some peace and quiet for once. Shelly suddenly gets Ben upset, so she unexpectedly helps Ben play in the water by himself. Unfortunately, we haven’t read any more, but I’ll edit this post as soon as we do.


Pic From:



The 3\4 student teacher, Miss Marmo is reading the book, and doing an absolutely brilliant job of it!


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Anna Flowers…


Whats is Anna Flowers? You ask. Well Anna Flowers is a great book for kids over the age of 8, or sometimes, 7!

Well, Anna Flowers is a book about a girl called Anna Flowers, her mother dies unexpectedly. So she has to move miles away to a town called ‘Peppersalt’ were here aunt and grandma live. She has been keeping a diary of the day and keeps in touch to her friends alot. She finds out she’s really good at netball, from shoting at a hoop in her aunty’s backyard.  She finds out, that the school bully, and girl named Michlle is the netball captain and she wants to have a place in it. She has made three friend already, but theres probably more to come! 








I am still on the ‘Predict and Confirm’ strategy, so here’s my predictions: That Anna will get a place in the netball team, make a few more friends and get an update from her friends back at the other town. This os a great book and I highly recommend it. I’ll give it 7 and a half\10 stars, so far…

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I Finished It…


Yay, I finally finished it. What did I finish? You guessed it, Alice-Miranda at sea, the book I’m reading, well, was reading! Alice-Miranda is a book about her and her family and friends going on adventures., You can find out more in the post about the book called ‘Alice-Miranda at sea’.

Since the last post, I read alot, so here’s what happened since then: The had the  BBQ on the royal deck, they meet Jacinta’s mum a few times but not the Dad, They made friends with Neville and someone stole a precious dimond, and I’m not telling you who, just incase you’re rading the book. I found out why Dr Lush is not in a good mood alot and what his real last name is, and made chef Vladimir like Alice-Miranda, alot!



Alice-Miranda is a great book and I highly recommend it as a good book, I’ll give it 9\10 Stars! I used about a million sticky notes for my predictions, and thats good!


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Alice-Miranda At Sea.


This is Alice-Miranda.And Millie, Jacinta, Sep and Lucas. Who are these kids? Where are they from? Yes, this is Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kentington-Jones. From the book series Alice-Miranda.

Remember when I wrote a post about CAFE and Daily 5, and about reading strategies.Well, my reading strategy is ‘Predict and Confirm meaning.’ Predict and confirm’ meaning means try to predict a part of the book and then when you get to it, confirm the answer if it’s right or not.

Now back to Alice-Miranda. So far the book has been fantastic and exciting.Alice-Miranda and friends have so far seen and played with Lucas and Sep, two nice boys and,   Lucas a good cousin to Alice-Miranda. Their little gang have explored the ship together, searching for Jacinta’s parents. On the way they meet The head chef, Vladimir   who was very scary, hated children and was really strict indeed.They have also met Neville, a shy, young little child who wants to get to America, to see his parents.

 My predictions are that they have a BBQ on the royal deck, meet and talk to Jacnta’s parents and meet and play with Neville again. If you like the sound of the book, you can go to Alice-Miranda’s website or the author’s website:

What Book Are You Reading?

Do You Like Alice-Miranda?

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