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Comment in, Comment out, You will Love it without a doubt!

How to Write a Quality Comment and How To Comment.

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If you want to know how to comment I’ll show you. Just say you wanted to comment on the post I did called A Trip to Mt Buller.

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and press a button the says ‘no comments.

2. You scroll down a little bit and you will find an empty box with the word ‘Name=’ next to it. Under that you will find the same but it says ‘Email=’ and below that it says ‘Website=’. You put in your name and email. (You don’t have to do a website, but you have to do your name and email.) 

3. You will find below the box with the word ‘Website=’, a HUGE box with the word ‘Comment’ above it. You write your comment or message in there.

4.Below that will be a box with the word ‘Anti-spam’ above it. You write the words that are below in a box. (They will probably not make sense!)

5. Then press the ‘add comment’ and you will have added your comment!! 😀

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