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 Every two years, the 5/6’s are lucky enough to  do a snorkeling program! Well, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  it was our turn. Here’s what we did…

On Monday Mrs Hill’s class ( my class) went a  special pool to practise snorkeling before going to the beach, on Wednesday,  and actually go snorkeling. The two instructors, Alex and Peri, taught us how to use flippers ( many of us new how to do this, we’re not that bad!) to duckdive, equalize while duckdiving and what to do in an emergency.  We got to keep the snorkel, which was extremly nice considering that the program was free!

On Tuesday the other grade went, so there isn’t much to write about because I didn’t go!

Finally, Wednesday. Our grade was first. We got into our wetsuits, and went down to the beach. It was very calm water, with no waves at all. Everone ran into the water straight away.  We went snorkeling at Harry’s Reef, near Harry’s Café. My partner, Jess, and I had a great time. We saw sea urchins, squid eggs, a catshark, lots of fish, heaps of sea stars ( they’re not called starfish, as they are not fish) and about a million types of seaweed and plants.

I had a great time snorkeling and  a big Thank You Alex and Peri, who gave up their time to teach us for free, the Borough of Queenscliff for founding the program, and of course, Thank You to Mrs Hill and Mrs Barry for letting us go!!

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  1. November 24th, 2014 at 6:22 am      Reply Angelica Says:

    Hi Josie,
    Im so exited to do that when i’m in year 6!
    It’s nice to experience some underwater events with friends and class mates.
    Hope you had a fantastic time!!
    Keep on posting,

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