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Go Kangas!!!!


In Australia we have our own special sport. It’s called AFL, Australian Football League. I don’t know one single Australian who doesn’t follow it.

This year the team I follow, the North Melbourne Kangaroos, or Kangas for short, made the top 8 and got into the finals. They playedkangas Essendon. I was at the stadium watching. Dad took Sabrina and I to watch. It was a great match. The first quater we were neck and neck. The Bombers were ahead by one point. It was 2.3, 15 to 2.4, 16. Then at half time, the Bomber rode ahead and kicked 4.3 to our one lonely behind. The scores read 2.4, 16 to 6.7, 43. Then in the thrid quarter, we fought back. Ben Brown, who had only played 8 games,in the dieing stages of the stages of the game, kicked 3 goals in 11 minutes. By three-quarter-time, the scores were 9.5, 59, to 10.8, 68. Then in the final quarter, the fight was on. Brown kicked another goal and Petrie kicked two life-saving goals in 5 minutes. The siren rings. The roos have won.

The next week the Kangas played the Geelong Cats on a Friday night. It was a exciting game and their was big rivalry as the couches are twin brothers! Anyway, we watched it on the TV. The first quarter we were ahead by 2 goals, it was 5.1, 31 to 7.1, 43. Then we stormed ahead in the second quarter and kicked 2.5 to their 5 behinds. The scores now said 5.6, 36 to 9.6,60. Then in the thrid quarter, the cats started scoring. They scored 8.9, 59, to our 12.9, 81. The last quarter was were the action started happening. Hawkins kicked goal after goal and by the last 10 mins the cats were only one goal behind us. Everyone was on the edge of there sets. Finally, the siren rang. Kangas won!! They are going to the preliminary final!!

kangas team

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“Go Kangas!!!!”

  1. September 30th, 2014 at 1:50 am      Reply Enzo Says:

    You had a small error when you said “in the third quarter”. You spelled it thrid, no third. But overall, this post is good!

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