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Falls Creek


I know I’ve just done a post on Mt Buller, but we get to go to Falls Creek, as a family!

Falls Creek is another ski resort in Victoria. It’s a bit further from Melbourne, about 4\5 hours. It gets more snow than Mt Buller though.

Anyway, this year our family went to Falls Creek for a whole week!! Here’s a list of everything we did each day:

Friday: The travel day. We got into the car at about 8:30am. Since we don’t live in Melbourne it took us 6 hours to get there. We arrived at about 3:00pm. We walked to our apartment. It was near the Falls Express ( the main chairlift), so it only took us about 30 seconds to get into our apartment. We hired our ski gear and carried them up to the apartment. Pretty boring day.

Saturday: Saturday was probably my favourite day. It was sunny all day. We started ski school on Saturday. Sabrina ( my sister) and I were in level 5. We got a teacher called Millie. She was really nice. We had quite a big group, there was about 10 of us, but I still had heaps of fun and made alot of friends. We had lunch at the Last Hoot, which was delicious. After that the group got a bit smaller, it was now half day. We went down Lakeside, International and Short and Curly, Towers and the Drovers Terrain park and heaps of other runs that I’ve forgot.

Sunday: Sunday was a good day, but not my favourite. It was terrible weather the whole day, especially the afternoon. There was a nice little group in the morning, but in the afternoon, it was just Sabrina and I. Since we were the only ones in the group, Millie met up with her friend, that was a snowboarding instructor, and we got to have a hot cinnamon donut!! It was so yum!! The  rest of the day we went around Towers, it was to cold to go anywhere else!!

Monday: Monday was quite a good day. It was sunny again. Millie wasn’t there that day, so we had a new teacher, Petr. The group was different today. We went around Ruined Castle, Scotts, Towers and Lakeside. I still made heaps of friends though. We had lunch at Dicky Knees, which was nice. After ski school, my friend Lucy came over to our apartment for dinner. It was alot of fun.

Tuesday: Tuesday was sunny again. We had Petr again.  We went to the Eagle Chair, Lakeside, Ruined Castle and some other runs I’ve forgot. We had lunch at Dicky Knees again. After ski school we went to Milch for an early dinner. It was very nice. Since we didn’t stay infalls creek map the village, we had to ski back down in the dark!

Wednesday: On Wednesday it was as sunny as ever. We did ski school again and had Petr. We went down International and Skyline, Lakeside, Runied Castle, and Towers. We had lunch at the Frying Pan, which was nice. After ski school I went over to my Lucy’s apartment and had dinner. It was a bit annoying because she was going night skiing. But I still had fun. I watched a bit of Mrs Doubtfire with Lucy, Abby and Elsie.

Thursday: Thursday was our last day of skiing. It was race day. The nastar race course opens every Thrusday for ski school to race their classmates. We had a small group, only 5 people were racing. I came second. The rest of the day we went around Towers and Lakeside. We had lunch at the Frying Pan again. It was yum!

Friday: On Friday we didn’t ski. We packed our bags, retured our gear. We decided to walk up to the village and do Snow Tubing. We arrived at the park but were told that they started an hour late. So we walked back to the car and drove home.

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