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Mt Buller


Every year we go up to the snow once or twice. Dad picks someone to go with him to Mt Buller, and then we go up as a family to Falls Creek.  We this time Dad didn’t take just one of use, or two, he took us all!! Plus our Nanna too!!!

Friday: This year ( as I said) Sabrina, Tessa (my sisters) and I went up to Mt Buller with our Nanna. We drove up and arrived at about 10.30am. We signed into our lodge, hired our skiies and were skiing by 12.00pm.  We had lunch at Koflers, which is very delicious and

busy, but I noticed it was quite small. We skied the for the rest of the day and then went out for dinner at Dad’s favourite, Pension Grimmus. When I was little I went out to Pension Grimmus and had a delicious Apple Crumble. When I looked at the dessert menu I saw a Rhubarb Crumble, so I ordered it straight away. It wasn’t quite to my expertations, but I am quite a fussy eater.Saturday: On Saturday I had ski school for the first day. We went on Family Run and the Skyline T-bar, on Shakey Knees and Tirol. We went to Spurs for lunch. We had Chicken Nuggets and chips for lunch and a bit of jelly. We went on Burnt Hut and Burke Street too. We went on HEAPS of runs. At the end of the day I went for a little ski with dad on Little Buller Spur and Wombat before it was time to go back to our lodge and have a Saturday night communal dinner. We had soup for an entrée, pasta for the main, and gelato for dessert. The dinner was Italian themed. At the end every table had to come up and say an Italian joke in front of everyone. Our table said: “What do you call an Italian with a cold? Julius Sneezer!!!” We all got a packet of Tim Tams as reward.

Sunday: On Sunday we went to ski-school for half the day. We skied down HEAPS of runs. My favourite run we skied would have been Tirol. We had lunch at Spurs again. For lunch we had pizza and chips with jelly. Then Dad came and picked us up and we packed up and went on the shuttle to get to our car. We dropped Nanna off hours later and went home, all of us feeling quite sick.

Well, although we were feeling sick at the end, going to Mt Buller was really fun, thanks for taking Dad and Nono!!

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