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The Tuesday That Won Over Them All…


Well, this week was quite an exciting week. But the best bit was DEFINETLY Tuesday, but why?

On Tuesday (my friend) Lucy, my teacher and I went to the a Deakin campus and saw Dr Jane Goodall! Dr Jane Goodall is a conservationist and a  primatologist, humanitarian and a UN Messenger of Peace. She is now circling the globe 300 days a year, never staying at one place any more than three weeks. She is doing lectures about conservation to young people around the world, and inspiring others to follow in her foot steps. 

 She talked about her story, and how she became in love with chimpanzees and conserving the Earth. One favourite stories would be when Jane was about six. She lived in London, so she had never seen a cow or sheep. Well, Jane’s family moved out onto a farm. Jne was very excited and intreged by chickens. She wondered were the eggs came from. Obviously, no-one would tell her, so Jane went out and followed a chicken into it’s pen. She waited for hours, until finally, she saw it. All this time her mother was desperatly looking for her. When she found Jane in the pen, instead of shouting at her, she let Jane tell her the incredible          

pic from:

pic from:

adventure she just had. Jane started talking about the rest of her life until it meet with the present. She also talked about conservation and her ‘Roots and Shoots’ programme. Finally, after all that we brought out a birthday cake and started singing Happy Birthday, because it was her 80th birthday. For Jane’s full biography, press here: 

Well, seeing Dr Jane Goodall was a great experience and I loved it!

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