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5/6 Camp to Narmbool!!!!!


Going on school camp is one of the most exciting things each year, and now it’s here!!!!

 This year the 5/6’s went to Narmbool, a little country twon near Ballarat. We stayed at one camp on night, and another camp the next night. On the first day we stayed at a camp in the bush. We had cabins shaped like tents ( but bigger), beds like hammoks ( but not wobbly), an outside dunny and real outback style showers. On the first day we got to the camp and played some games the Aboriginals ( Indigenous Australians) play/played. We also did some orienteering around the camp, using only a compass. Lastly we did a little walk and saw a Wedged Tailed Eagles nest, but it abondoned it years ago. We had some dinner and some free time and then we went to bed.

On the second day we got up, had breaky and started our 8km walk. We had to orienteer our way along a path to get to our next camp. I had a good group and we navigated our way along the track very well and ( thankfully) didn’t get lost. Finally, we reached the lodge. It was perched in between a few hills, so we had to walk up a few. One particular hill was called the escarpment. It had lots of rocks that had blown out of a volcano 500 million years ago. When we got to the lodge we unpacked our bags and we were allowed to go and climb the escarpment. We had so much fun playing hide and seek in the rocks until dinner time. After dinner we had an astronomist from Ballarat come in to tell us about the stars and space.  We got to look through a telescope and see mars and I saw a shooting star for the first time!! I was so excited!!!! After that we had some supper and then went to bed. 

The last day we had a member from an animal rescue association around Narmbool. He specialices in birds of prey. He brang in a Little Eagle and told us about native birds of prey. After that we did a sustainability quest. We moved around to different activities. My favourite was the energy bikes. We got to ride a bike to generate power to turn a CD player. Then we had lunch and drove home.

Thank you Mrs Barry and Mrs Hill for orginising it and the staff for looking after us!


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“5/6 Camp to Narmbool!!!!!”

  1. June 3rd, 2014 at 12:57 am      Reply Penny Says:

    Hi Josie, the school camp sounds like so much fun. I haven’t heard of an energy bike before. That sound amazing. As for the shooting star, I hope you made a wish.

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