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A Few Things You Need To Know…


Every week there’s normally one big, terrific thing. Sometimes it’s a book I’ve finished. Sometimes I went to the cienima. But this week nothing really happened exciting happened, but there’s a few things that make the list…

Monday Afternoon: On Monday afternoon I started playing basketball. I think we moved up a level, we won the Grand Final last year. The team we verused thrashed us, the final score was something like 37-2. I had a great time though,  and the team is really nice.

Tuesday Night: On Tuesday night I had a great time. My cousins from Austria came down to our house. We made a delicious meal and I ate at least ¼ of the cannonbeer cheese!!! Yum!!! Sabrina and I performed a duet, Sabrina singing and me playing the piano. It was so much fun!!!!!!

Saturday Afternoon: On Saturday morning we drove up to Melbourne. Mum and Dad let Sabrina, Tessa and I go to Clip ‘n Climb. Clip ‘n Climb is a big climbing centre in Melbourne. It’s got 33 different climbing walls plus the leap of faith and  the vertical slide. I went on every wall besides two and the leap of faith. You get instucted for 15 mins and climb for 45 mins!!!! It was tremedous fun!!!!

Saturday Night: On top of driving to Melbourne and Clip ‘n Climb, we went to one of Mum’s friends house, Jen and Glen’s. They have two children, Edward and Eloise. We got to watch a movie but I went down to watch the AFL, Essendon vs Bulldogs. I watch the middle of the second quater- just past half time. In the end Essendon won. While I watch some of their pets, Mable ( the dog) and Felix ( the cat, sometimes he didn’t stay). Mable layed on me while I watched and Felix lay further back, but I could just pat him. I had a wonderful time.

Mid Sunday: Sunday morning was pouring with rain. But we got an outing. We got to go to Brunett’s.  I got a very nice maggerita pizza slice. after that we went to Readings,  the BIG bookshop across the road. I got the book Divergent, a book a friend  recommended. After that we went straight to one of my dad’s friends houses. That was terrific fun!!!


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“A Few Things You Need To Know…”

  1. May 29th, 2014 at 12:38 am      Reply Penny Says:

    Hi Josie, through your blog I get such a great sense of who you are. You really do have many things in your life- basketball, piano, time with your family, friends and books. It’s wonderful to see someone who is engaged in all that life offers. Do you have any pets? You seem so happy and chilled out. Does anything ever upset you and if so how do you stay so positive and calm? Penny

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