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Alice-Miranda in Toyko; Book Review.


I was so excited when the ninth Alice-Miranda book came out, and now I finished it!!!

Alice-Miranda in Toyko starts of with a young girl called Kiko wondering around the streets of Toyko. Finally she gets  herself in the subway, trying to find her way around. She finds herself in going into a nurseing home, owned by a elderly woman named Obaasan.

Meanwhile, the story of Alice-Miranda. It starts off with Alice-Miranda, Millie and Jacinta coming back from a camping trip with Millie’s family. They soon find out that the Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones family cook, Dolly Oliver has been invited to a confrence with the Japanese Minsesty for Invention and Innovation because of her invention, JAW ( Just Add Water).The soon find themselves in Toyko, shoping for toys and clothes, and learning about the Japanese culture.

And this is were Kiko comes in. After Alice-Miranda gets a present from her father, Kiko is intreged with Alice-Miranda and wants to get hold of something that she lost that was very special to her. Kiko vows to get this object back.

 I loved this book but I think Jacquline Harvey could of told us some secrets before, not all just at one time. But over all I loved it, 4½ stars!

Thats all I’m going to tell you, for now. But if you love the book so much, or want to learn more about Alice-Miranda books either visit the Alice-Miranda website: or you can read my other two posts on Alice Miranda by pressing Alice-Miranda on my widget ‘Lots of tags!’

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