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Time at Albury and Melbourne.


Albury and Melbourne, FUN!!!!! Albury is located on the edge of the NSW, near the Murray River. It’s a big town, basically a city. It gets really hot there, and when we were there, there was a heat wave. Every day got up to 40 degrees Celsius. But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is what we did at Albury, and how much fun we had…

On the first day we just unpacked and went to the Albury pool. The Albury pool is an outdoor pool with a BIG waterslide. We didn’t go on the waterslide that day, but we still had fun! Then we went out for dinner at La Porchetta. I had lasagna. Yum!!!

The next day we went to the Albury pool and I got to go down the waterslide 5x!!!! shopping for clothes at Pumpkin Patch.  Then we went to Coldrock to get a treat for he movies. After that we went to the movies to see Frozen at the movies. It’s really good!!

On that day we had to move to a different hotel in Wodonga. Wodonga is close to Albury and is not as big as Albury, but it’s still a little city. This apartment is really new, and it has a pool!!!!! It is also conectted to a restaurant called Huon Hill.  We just stayed at the pool the WHOLE day!!!

Finally it was our last whole day in Albury. We First went in the pool and then we saw Walking with Dinosaurs The movie at the movies. After that we got our hair cut at a place my mum used to go to. Then we went out for dinner at Huon Hill,  the  restaurant near our apartment. I had fish and chips. It was really nice.

The every last day we had a quick swim in the pool and then got in the car with our bags and went to Melbourne.

When we got to Melbourne 3hrs later, we went to our Nanna’s house. Our Aunty Anna came later and said that we could go to her house for a swim in the pool. Since the heat wave was still going, we said yes and went the next day.

The next day we went in Aunty Anna’s pool and then went home. We had soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!

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