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A trip to Mt Buller


Most people like Mt Buller on the winter, but it’s great in the summer…

Mt Buller is located in the northern parts of Victoria, Australia. In winter it is crowded with skiers and snowboarders.  My dad normally takes one of my sisters to Mt Buller each year to go skiing, but this years for the summer holidays he brought the whole family up!  In summer it’s much more quiet, with mountain bikers on tracks.

When we arrived we went to our apartment to unpack our bags and drove straight up to the car park near the summit. We walked up to the summit and saw two monuments of people that have died. Then we noticed a little hut. Suddenly someone came out of it and told us it was a fire protection look out, and asked us if we wanted a little tour. Obviously we said yes, and got a little tour. Pic from: 

Mt Buller summit in summer blog pic

The next day we went on a little walk on a bike track, which was kind’a weird, and then we went on the only running chairlift, the North Side Express. But Tessa, my youngest sister, dropped her hat so Dad had to go down to get it!!

Then we went on a 4.1km walk on a track called The Summit Nature Walk, then we went on another walk called The Village Walk. Pic from:


Finally we went on the chairlift one last time and went home.

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