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The Invention of Hugo Carbret, Book Review


As you probably know, this is a book review, but not on my book. It’s a book review of a book I just finished reading, The Invention of Hugo Carbret.

With 284 pages of stunning illustrations, The Invention of Hugo Carbret is about a boy from 1931 who lived in the walls of a train station in Paris. His Father has died so he has to be a thief for a living. He also checks the clocks in the station each evening to make sure they are working. He loves machines, especially clocks, since his Father worked in a museum full of them. When his Father dies in a fire that destroys the museum, he leaves behind an automaton, and device that when a special key is put in the key whole, and when a pen is put in his hand, he starts to write or draw ( I’m not saying which one) a message. He also leaves his notebook that has lots of diagrams and pictures of the automaton. These drawings are like blue prints to Hugo, so the notebook is VERY important to him. At the start the automaton is broken, so Hugo has to find the right parts to make it work. One time when he went to a toy store to steal a part, he was caught and the owner of the shop made him fix broken toys so he could sell them. Hugo sneaked parts of the toys so he could fix the automaton. He soon meets Isabelle, the toy owners god daughter, who is quite nice to Hugo.

You are probably wondering why I stoped the review. Well I’m not going to give anything else away. You’ll have to read it to find out.

The Invention of Hugo Carbret is a magnificent book. I love it!! I give it 4½ stars!

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“The Invention of Hugo Carbret, Book Review”

  1. January 7th, 2014 at 12:18 am      Reply Mrs Murphy Says:

    Dear Josie,

    I agree this is an amazing book and the text along with all the illustrations are just a gem of an idea. I love how the illustrations lead the story as well. What did you think of the illustrations? Which were your favourite?
    Mrs Murphy

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