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Christmas is here!!!!!

Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them:

From Mum’s side:

The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a necklace and some clothes.

From Dad’s side:

$100,( I spent it on a pair of Vans and some stuff form Smiggle.The Guinness book of records 2014 ( book), a pair of scissors and some stuff I’ve forgot.(I like them though)

From Santa:

Jelly beans, book marks, The Alice-Miranda 2014 Diary, a soft turtle, a speaker and some things that I’ve forgot, again! ( But again I still like)

From Mum and Dad:

A new bike!!!!!!! 😀

Yes, I got a lot of stuff that I’m very grateful for. Thank you everyone who gave me something, I loved it!!!

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