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3 Posts in one!


Last week, as you probably don’t know, I did a post called ‘2 posts in one’, but that was nothing. This week it’s three posts in one!

Three posts in one is when I do a paragraph for each subgect. I’ll do one on Pump it, one on the Lighting of the Christmas Tree and the other one on our trip to Adventure park.

Pump it!

As you’re are probably wondering, Pump it was the name of the play we did this year at the Scarlet Theartre Company.  It was a mixed performce, which means that it wasn’t a story, but lots of dances and songs all with a theme. This year the theme was hip hop.  My favourite dance was probably Pump it and Rich Man’s Frug. Thanks Hannah for a great performance and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

The Lighting of The Christmas Tree.

The lighting of the Christmas tree is an annual celabration where locals perform and celabrate Christmas.  At about 8.30pm the light the tree (If you’re wondering, it’s a HUGE tree so it looks really good.) We all have fun and run around ’till 8.30pm, because it’s very special when the light it. This year was especially fun because Hannah invited us to come up and do a song with her. It was called We need a little Christmas. It was very exciting and fun. pic from:


Adventure Park

Adventure park is a water park in Wallington( Near Geelong) and is Victoria’s biggest theme park and it’s first water theme park.  We only go there once a year, so it’s very special. This time it as really fun. For one, it wasn’t so there wasn’t much queues. My favourite ride would’ve been the Wild West Canyon and the spinning ride. ( Sorry I don’t know the name of it!) It was really fun!! 



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