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Christmas is here!!!!! Finally it’s the summer holidays, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in the summer holidays, and in the summer holidays it’s Christmas. Anyway, you probably wondering what I got. So here’s a list of them: From Mum’s side: The invention of Hugo Carbret (book), The Little White Horse (book), a […]

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Meeting You!!!!!


I meet someone amazing on the weekend,  Andy Griffiths!!!!!! Well I’ll start from the start. One day when we where buying presents we went past Bookgrove and saw a poster about Andy Griffiths. SoI begged mum to let me go. It worked!!!! So yesterday(Saturday) I went with dad, Sabrina wanted to go but she had […]

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Edublog Award Nomination


This year I an norinated for the Edublog Awards. I NEED your HELP!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. You can vote here by:1:Find my blog in the list and pressing the up arrow in the left hand corner.2: Sign into either Facebook, Twitter, Goggle or Linkn to vote.*3: You have now voted. PS: You can only […]

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3 Posts in one!


Last week, as you probably don’t know, I did a post called ‘2 posts in one’, but that was nothing. This week it’s three posts in one! Three posts in one is when I do a paragraph for each subgect. I’ll do one on Pump it, one on the Lighting of the Christmas Tree and the other […]

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Two Posts in One!


I can’t decide, these two posts are to good to choose which one, so I’m going to do both! First Los Locos, then House Plays: Los Locos? What are they, or more like it who are they? Los Locos are a spanish band coming to school for the spanish fiesta. We are going to sing […]

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