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Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!


As you probably don’t know, I did a post on Lonnies Got Talent last year, but this is not a review or something for that post, but this post is also for Lonnie’s Got Talent.  But it’s not from last year, it’s from this year!!!

Lonnie’s Got Talent is a talent show our school puts on every year at about the start of November. Anyone who wants to go in the show can audition for a place in the show. Kids can also audition to be judges for the show. The people that got through as a judge were Lucy, Freya and Harry. 

I decided to do an act this time, but then I got put into another one!! My first act was a circus act. I did the hula hoop and a boy called Ash did a thing with some spin sticks. My next act was a dance to a clip of Youtube, a ‘Star Treking’ clip. Star Treking always made me happy! I loved doing both acts so much!! I don’t have a favourite, it’s to hard to choose!!!

My favourite act (Besides mine!) was Edumnd’s Violin recitial and Cody’s piano playing. They were both so awesome!!!!!

Thanks Mrs Murphy and Mrs Hill for oranising the show. It was great!!!!



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“Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!”

  1. November 6th, 2013 at 8:13 pm      Reply Mr Heenan Says:

    Was it as good as last year?
    Mr Heenan

    • November 7th, 2013 at 11:49 pm      Reply Josie Says:

      Hi Mr Heenan,
      Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for commenting on my blog. I was really excited when I saw it!!!!!
      Lonnie’s got Talent was very good, defently as good as last year.
      I hope you’re having a great time at Leopold. How are you?
      From your blogging buddy,
      Josie 😉

  2. December 22nd, 2013 at 6:38 am      Reply Ella Says:

    hey josie it sounded AWESOME see u in hols ;D

    • December 23rd, 2013 at 8:58 pm      Reply Josie Says:

      Hi Ella,
      It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!
      I can’t wait to see you in the holidays, we’ll have so much fun!!!!!!!!
      From you BFF,
      Josie. 😀 😉

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