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Edublog Nominations.


Once again, I’ve been nominated for the Edublog¬†Awards nominations for best student blog!! ūüėÄ Last year I came second in that category so PLEASE vote for me. I’m under the¬†best student blog category. The name is called MEAOW @ Josie’s Blog. Here’s the link:

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My First Time Camping!!!


Yes, this post is about my first time camping. I’m not doing a post about something that I did ages ago. This is something recent!! You want to hear about? Well here it is: Well, it started when my friend Eliza’s dad, came and told me that they were going camping at a Big 4 […]

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Sports Day!!!


Monday was such a a great day. You know why, because it was sports day!!!! Sports Day is an annual event at school when the four houses (Red, blue, yellow, green) compete to win the most points by getting the most ribbins and winning Sports Day. I’m in Blue house and we came in¬†2nd place. […]

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Lonnie’s Got Talent!!!


As you probably don’t know, I did a post on Lonnies Got Talent last year, but this is not a review or something for that post, but this post is also for Lonnie’s Got Talent.¬†¬†But it’s not from last year, it’s from this year!!! Lonnie’s Got Talent is a talent show our school puts on […]

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