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One normal week…


As you see, this post is about a week, a normal week. I couldn’t think of anything long enough to do a post about, so this is a typical week in the life of Josie…

Monday: School: Sport and Spanish. We’re doing Hot shots in sport and stories in Spanish. Home: Swimming. I have squad and Sabrina has swimming.

Tuesday: School: Nothing. Just Maths, Writing, Reading and/or Intergraded Studies. Home: Hannah’s Theatre Group. Hannah’s Theatre Group is a drama group. This year we’re doing a show called Get Pumped!

Wednesday: School: Nothing. Again. Just the normal. Home: Nothing. Just chilling out all afternoon.

Thursday: School: Art (Every second week) and Library. In Art we did a drawing of some gnomes for a competition called ‘Better Gnomes and Gardens.’ In Library we just borrow books. Home: Nothing. Again. Chilling out is sooo fun!!

Friday: School: Spelling and Clubs. For Spelling do work in our special Spelling books. In Clubs we have a special club for the term which we vote for at the start of term. This term we’re not doing Clubs because we’ve got House Plays. Home: Piano Lessons. At the moment I’m learning a song called Around the Totem Pole and At the Skating Ring.

So that’s my week.  Pretty busy, isn’t it?!


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