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One Fun Holiday!!!


I had one fun holiday at Burleigh Heads, check it out!!!!

First thing first. We got to our awesome hotel. It had a two pools, mini golf and a barbque!! We had a quick swim and then we went out for dinner at the local SLSC ( Surf life saving club). We had pizza and a rarsberrry lemonade.

The next day we went to a place called Currimbin Wildlife sanctuary.We saw helps of shows, The magic show, the bird show, the sheep shering show, the crocadile show and the abariganil dance show!!We wanted to see the lorikeet show but it was better time in the morning. My favourite was the bird show.

On Wenesday we went straight to the lorikeets, at the sanctuary. We were lucky enough to get some birds on our plate. After that we just chilled out for the rest of the day. We went in the pool and meet three friends, Noah, Page and Skye. We did the mini golf. I got a total of: 55 and Sabrina got a total of 60. We went out for dinner again, at a place called Romarna’s. We also had pizza and a rassberry lemonade. Yum!!

Thursday was the best day, because we got to go to Movie World!! It was so fun!!First we saw a little version of ice age 3, in 4D!! When snot came out of Sind’s nose water sprayed out of the chairs in front of us. Next we went to the Kid’s WB section and went on the dogem cars. After that we went on a fun rollercoaster FIVE TIMES!! It wasn’t really scary though! Finnaly I went on a pretty scary ride called the Wild West Falls. You go on a little boat and the water pushes you up the little water fall. You go around the moutain and at the end you go down a huge waterfall( Well it isn’t a waterfall that would be dangerous) !!! Lastly we got an ice-cream and waited for the parade of all the villans and heros!!

The Wild West Falls!!!!


Both pics  from:

Finnaly it was Friday so we had our last swim and drove to the airport.

It was a great holiday!!!

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“One Fun Holiday!!!”

  1. October 15th, 2013 at 5:55 am      Reply Eliza Says:

    To Josie,
    It sounds like you are having fun.
    A few days ago I had an emu burger. It tasted very nice. It was a bit like beef. Mum and dad had camel, emu and kangaroo!
    We walked around Uluru and later on saw the Aboriginal ladies painting. Pixie Brown and Ruby did a really good job. I got some ochre on me when I helped them move out of the sun.
    When we went to Dalhousie Springs it was 48 degrees! We floated in the tyre tubes in water like a bath. It was 38-43 degrees. We were wrinkled when we got out. It was up to 14 metres deep.
    I learnt how to play the bagpipes with Hector at the William Creek Pub. He was a firefighter on a motorbike raising money for the royal flying doctors. He was with a group of his friends who were very nice. We had lots of fun and the Aboriginal ladies danced to the bagpipes and michael playing the clapsticks.
    We are in the Barossa Valley now and there are tar roads and not a lot of dust.
    I look forward to seeing you soon. I have often thought about how much you would enjoy this camping holiday.
    Eliza 😉

    • October 17th, 2013 at 6:24 am      Reply Josie Says:

      Hi Eliza,
      It sounds like you’re having a great time!!
      Emu burgers sound kid of creepy!! I can’t believe that it was that hot!!
      We’ve been having hot weather and cold weather. Just today it was hailing!! Tyre tubes sound fun! I wish I could go on one. Learning to
      play the Bagpipes is weird, I would have never guessed!! Uluru must’ve been beautiful.
      How long was the track around Uluru? What has been your favourite place?
      See you soon!
      From your friend,
      Josie. 😉

  2. October 17th, 2013 at 9:41 pm      Reply Eliza Says:

    Hi Josie,
    The walk around Uluru was just over 10km which took us 3 hours. There were lots of interesting things to see and read about when walking around the rock. I had lots of favourites. Some of them were Kings Canyon,Dalhousie hot springs,Ormiston gorge and Uluru.
    See you on Monday
    Eliza 😉

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